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Sure I must have used that title before in which case it can be thought of as a re-issue. Spend the afternoon at the Civil Justice Centre - still my favourite new building in the city centre -

listening to and asking questions of two very senior civil servants from the Department for Communities and Local Government at a meeting called to " discuss latest policies around their respective DCLG agendas and across Whitehall ....". There are people there, principally from local government, from across the North West, all really trying to get answers as to exactly what the new government was going to do in a whole range of areas impacting on local communities and the representative role of Councillors. It was an interesting session, good presentations, relatively open but essentially very conjecture rich and information light. I lost count of how many times we were told " that's not yet been decided " or " tell us how to do it ". I'm all in favour of bottom-up approaches and am determined to make whatever the government does work as best I can for the people of Manchester. But we do need clarity quickly, and also to understand how a whole range of seemingly disparate bits of legislation fit together.

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  1. Marc Hudson Says:

    "But we do need clarity quickly, and also to understand how a whole range of seemingly disparate bits of legislation fit together."

    Er, I assumed this lot were just making it up as they went along, merrily taking us back to the 1920s rather than the 1950s. Still, someone has to wade through the mess and get the "best deal possible" for Mcr.

  2. Phil Korbel Says:

    It would be good to hear more about what was [and wasn't] said. What worries me is that when Eric Pickles appluads localism that it is actually a mask for abdicating any role for government [big or small]. This is vital in many areas - particularly the pressing fight against climate change. I read yesterday of Michael Gove binning the laudable Sustainable Schools programme. It was so cheap that cost could not have been the motivation - it's ideology-driven all the way - and at such cost.

  3. Jim Mogg Says:

    2. Phil Korbel - I just wonder what is wrong with an idealogical [sic] approach to decision making? Afterwall, there wouldn't be any schools without someone initially believing that they were a good idea. Equally so with ID cards and CCTV for instance. I'm not sure how far we would get without any ideology being involved. The conservatives and liberal democrats did win so aren't they entitled to attach their ideology to government?

  4. Ian Says:

    What you fail to understand we have at last got a Government that actually cares about how they spend peoples hard earned Taxes. I am so glad they have stopped going along with the uncontrolled unsustainable spending by the liberial elite on their pet projects.

  5. Sam Says:

    Phil get over it the best Party won the election and I look forward to more sensible policies and less waste of Tax payers money on silly liberial ideas.

  6. Kev Pe Says:

    Hate to break it to you Sam but the liberals are actually in Government! As for the best party winning - I think the results clearly showed that no party won. Cameron and his cronies failed to convince people that they were a credible choice and have been forced into bed with the Liberals who were eager to make a quick buck by selling out their principles! Some new Government!

  7. Grace Says: party won the election! Even after 13 years of a Labour government, a war, an economic crisis and the expenses scandal the Tories couldn't get a majority. They're being propped up by the silly Liberals so I'd expect a few more 'silly liberial ideas' if I were you...

  8. Phil Korbel Says:

    Jim - by 'ideologocally driven' I mean as opposed to 'delivery driven'. Sustainable Schools [RIP] saves schools money by cutting their bills, thus more money for teaching. Housing and other benefits cuts - leads to more ill people and so more costs to the NHS - no saving to the tax payer. Less police - more crime ... You get my drift. And that's not just me - when IDS's own think tank warns Downing Street of rushing to cut, instead thinking about where to really save - and still protect the vulnerable - then something's going seriously wrong.

    And before you paint me as a defender of waste, I run a tiny charity and loathe the waste that has typified some quango behaviour. So I'm all in favour of efficiency - just not cutting for the sake of cutting.

  9. Phil Korbel Says:

    When a right of centre think tank says they're wrong...

  10. John Says:

    'As for the best party winning - I think the results clearly showed that no party won'

    Its been a great three months after 13 years of waste two wars we now have a Government that at last expects people to work not sit at home getting handouts. I watched the news on friday from collyhurst were a fit person said they would'nt get a job cause they could'nt afford the £500 rent, this was in their living room with a bigger TV than I have and I work bloody hard all week. Now when things are like that the policy has moved to far one way. So all you people complaining get over it you ain't seen nothing yet.

  11. Sam Says:

    Kev Pe

    Yes the Liberials are in Government but guess whos running the country its a responsible Conservative Party that cares about the economy and not wasting Tax Payers money of silly liberial ideas, look out quangos they are after you as well.

  12. frank clements Says:

    Some might say this govt is doing too much in too short a time, and with luck will get bogged down by detail

  13. Duke Fame Says:

    Look, the govt don't need to tell you what is going on because it's none of you business.
    You simply need to take steps to minimise council tax, provide core services and that is all. STOP TRYING TO WASTE MONEY



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