Heroes and Monsters

A week dominated by football but as well as being a world beating city of sport we are also very much a city of culture. I paid a visit to Manchester Art Gallery yesterday to look at the activities they've been providing over the school holidays for children and their families.

There was a fantastic mix of workshops linked with a series of " trails " that took children into the galleries and got them really looking at and thinking about pictures, statues and even a rather large piece of pottery. I've got the Hero Quest Map in front of me which takes you from the Birth of Pandora to the statue of Atalanta via four other works of art. Yesterday I watched families on the quest with the children totally absorbed in what they were doing. Up to four hundred people a day have attended the sessions and it's about as far from a musty,old, boring gallery as you can get. Lots of young people and their families having a great time but also learning to appreciate what a great asset the City Art Gallery is to Manchester.I loved seeing the gallery so lively but the sessions aren't all day everyday so people who like their culture in a more funereal atmosphere had plenty of opportunity for a quieter tour of the exhibits. Let's also note Council staff ( supported by a few excellent volunteers ) doing a great job in providing a public service.

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  1. Fred Says:

    So is this an way of saying that the arts will protected in Manchester from the impending cuts?

  2. Kate Farmery Says:

    Thank you, from the staff here at Manchester Art Gallery, for your kind comments. We firmly believe that galleries can be great places to enjoy with children and happily, our many family visitors seem to agree. Lots more activities take place throughout the year - check out www.manchestergalleries.org for details.

  3. Russ Says:

    The art gallery has always had great success raising funds from the corporate sector and trusts & foundations; let’s hope they continue to be successful.

  4. Zoe Says:

    I took my two children aged 5 and 2 twice, once to follow the map and once to make a superhero costume. It was fantastic. The art gallery always seems to come up with something brilliant to do in the school holidays, thank you.

  5. Matti Says:

    The activities they put on for children are superb and our city centre Art Gallery is a credit to the city.

    Please can we make sure that with the ongoing CUTS in Budgets and Staffing that we do not scale down on what has been already established.