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A LEP in the Dark

For those that worry about these things this is not yet another case of my spelling going AWOL. Today started with a meeting with the CBI about Greater Manchester's proposals for a local enterprise partnership ( LEP ), the core element of what is intended to replace the soon to be abolished regional development agencies.

At their simplest, LEPs are business/local government partnerships covering a functional economic area with the primary objective of promoting and supporting economic growth and job growth ( they're not necessarily the same thing ). Proposals need to be submitted to government at the beginning of next week, and last Friday the AGMA Executive signed off the proposal for a Greater Manchester LEP, building on the work already done in developing the Combined Authority proposal currently awaiting a decision from governement.

Earlier this week the Regional Leaders Board met to consider how in the North West we manage the transition from the RDA to the new arrangements and what North West LEPs should come together to do at a regional 'level' e.g. managing European funds, promoting the North West in Whitehall and Brussels. (The reports to AGMA and the Regional Leaders Board are public documents.) The government is also proposing to centralise some functions e.g. business support, inward investment , and we are also looking to develop arrangements that ensure that delivery of these continues to be influenced and managed locally. This morning's meeting is one of a number on what in the current economic and financial climate is a key issue, how do we ensure as the public sector contracts we get more than compensating growth in the private sector.

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There are 6 responses to “A LEP in the Dark”

  1. Val Stevens Says:

    I am sure that GM will manage the transition well but how can Business support be centralised? Funding reductions are much more likely and the coalition's much vaunted localism will be local to Whitehall

  2. frank Says:

    I'm glad to see someone is thinking and doing something about jobs we can do without the miserable news from the government!

  3. Miffed Says:

    RL clearly loves acronyms. TTFN.

  4. Digital Steve Says:

    Richard, this is dry stuff. Beneath the prose must lie something important to the local economy -I just can't fathom what it is from this blog. Why disband the Regional Boards? What are the benefits of the new LEPs? Do you agree with the changes. Usually enjoy the blogs,too.

  5. Val Stevens Says:

    has my comment been moderated out of existence?

  6. Richard Leese Says:

    Agree with Digital Steve that this is a little dry and although much of government might at times seem like a long-running farce, much of what I do day-to-day is more than a little dry. Whether I agree with it or not, these changes are happening. For the next few years LEPs are likely to be the only significant route for bringing government funding in to support local economic development so my job is to make sure that as far as possible these changes work for Manchester people



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