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Credit Due

Back in January I was very critical of some of our schools who in my view were very slow to re-open during the heavy snows at the turn of the year.

The future of this city depends on the skills and abilities of our labour force, on being innovative, and on encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship. Our young people need to leave school well-prepared for the economy of the future with high levels of achievements and the right attitudes and behaviours. In that light, recent figures on school performance are very heartening indeed. This year's GCSE results show a large increase in the number of students gaining 5 A-C grades including English and Maths, getting ever closer to the National average, with some schools posting quite remarkable improvements. Our young people can't learn if they're not in school and we have been blighted for years with the worst absenteeism in the country. This year's truancy figures show a massive increase in attendance across the primary and secondary sectors so credit where credit is due - our schools and their pupils deserve a big well done.

Also this week, we had the first new secondary schools opening in the city for over twenty five years. Part of the Manchester building schools for the future/academies programme, they are ensuring that all our secondary age pupils are educated in a high quality learning environment. Nationally this is a programme that has been very heavily cut - but not in Manchester. This is very much down to the officers who have been delivering this programme. At the time the guillotine came down, of 33 schools, 30 were either completed or on-site. The quality and design of the new and refurbished schools is excellent, and construction costs have been better than the national average. Another well-done to another group of public servants delivering for Manchester and for our young people. Now we need to do the same with our primary schools and we have made a start on that.

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  1. PWM Says:

    Building new schools like the Health Academy in Wythenshawe is a great confidence creator but the remarkable transformation achieved over the last 18 months is a credit to great teaching leadership.
    Our challenge is to find more teams like these.

  2. miffed Says:

    Considering the improved results will you now admit that you were wrong to critisise schools for remaining closed during one of the severest winters in British history? Will you also admit that lack of foresight and bad planning with regards to the gritting of roads contributed to the lengthy closures throughout the area?

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    Read the label miffed. Credit when credit is due.

  4. realist Says:

    Miffed, are you a professional moaner? We're pretty near the North Pole, no amount of gritting helps sometimes. We should just accept that and get on with it and stop moaning. Maybe you should offer to pay more in your Council Tax bill and we could give you your own gritter to follow you around.

  5. Miffed Says:

    No Realist, I'm just miffed, as my name clearly indicates.



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