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The Circus is in Town

I've spent a fair chunk of the last three days over at Manchester Central where the Labour Party is holding its annual conference and really can't avoid blogging about in any longer.

Hopefully somebody from Marketing Manchester will be responding to comments on an earlier post about how we calculate the economic benefits of events like this so I'll concentrate on what I've been up to.

For me, the last couple of days have been a chance to network (and not just with politicians) as well as promote Manchester and Manchester's policy agenda. Yesterday I spoke at a New Local Government Network event about how Manchester City Council is responding post general election. This lunch time I spoke at a Core Cities fringe. Core Cities like many other policy/lobbying organisations organises events at all three main party conferences. It's taken us a long time to get the role and importance of cities properly understood nationally and we don't want all that work to be wasted or to have to begin again with a new government.

Later today I'll be part of a panel at the Manchester Partnership fringe on the subject of City Growth and the New Economy. You might notice a theme here but if you haven't another clue is the meeting I held earlier today with the new Chief Executive of Centre for Cities, the only think tank solely devoted to research and policy development in our cities. I'll have done another five fringes and countless meetings before the big top comes down, all with the same policy objectives and all proudly waving the Manchester flag.

There are 4 responses to “The Circus is in Town”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    I think that it's good that the Labour conference has come to Manchester. Although I like others remain unconvinced about the impact of this event (the £16m - presumably a large portion spend on Starbucks, Aleef's and Bowlers!) I do think that it's a good thing to have so much television coverage of the City. That can only bring us to the attention of both national and international businees to our ability to organise high profile events. I do wonder how appropriate it is for you to make comments on something so indelibaly [sic] linked to party politics though on a website which is funded by the general taxpayer made up of all political flavours. I do accept that you will undoubtedly have a role as an abassador for the City, but that can only be to a certain degree - at some point your political views must be being expressed. Anyway, well done Manchester for doing us proud again!

  2. blogfan Says:

    In all fairness Jimbo, he did post similar comments last year about the Tories and I'm sure if the Lib Dems ever came here he'd say the same

  3. Hummingbird Says:

    I think the Leader was politically neutral in the views he has expressed in this particular post. From another neutral standpoint however I must question why the results of the leadership were annnounced during conference? I think this was a bad decision. The future of the party should not be played out amonsgt the "circus".

  4. Blogfan Says:

    blogfan - Thanks for your comment. I accept that when the Conservatives were here he may have made similar comments, but I'm not sure that that is appropriate either (I did in fact point out that Sir Richard is an ambassador for the City). Perhaps it might be appropriate for Sir Richard to have a blog separate from the MCC website.



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