Wall of Death

After what was described as a Business Breakfast (all talk, no food) it's off to the velodrome to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with British Cycling looking to the future for Manchester as the home of our most successful Olympic sport.

Good to see the National BMX Centre's construction well underway but then am persuaded to get on a bike and go on the track for the first time. Maybe not quite wall of death but I can tell you riding up to the top of that banking is more than a little scary. Not everybody with me is quite as inexperienced, especially the two women riders from Team GB who set the pace for us. Thirty plus laps later, in which we do that thing of each lap the front rider peeling off and up the banking whilst the rest undertake, I dismount sweaty and very exhilarated.

Back into town to join Tony Lloyd MP, The Lord Mayor, and the Chinese Consul-General at the opening of Wai Yin Chinese Women's Group new headquarters on Swan Street. Chinese Mancunians have made an enormous contribution to the economic and cultural life of the city, and were one of our first BME communities to engage the whole of the city in their principal celebratory event, Chinese New Year. Wai Yin has now been going for 22 years and makes an important contribution to the social and educational needs of the city. There's just time to walk back to the Town Hall to meet the Chair of the Electoral Commission and we have a good discussion about how, in the light of what went wrong up and down the country in this year's election (and I don't mean the result), we can get Councillors more involved in scrutinising the election planning and electoral registration processes.

There are 4 responses to “Wall of Death”

  1. ABU Says:

    Seeing as we are the UK capital for cycling how about a cheeky bid to stage the Tour de France prologue? The biggest annual sporting event in the world. Imagine the prestige and, related to previous blog entries, that funny formula you've got would go money (ker-ching) crazy!

    On a more serious note what was the up shot of your discussions on elections? The problems may have been up and down the country but the scenes in Manchester in particular were quite shocking. When hundreds of people do not get to vote, prompt action needs to be taken.

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    The Electoral Commission had seen the report of our own internal investigation which mirrored their own national inquiry and they were satisfied with the measures being taken. However to guarantee that we don't get a repeat of this year does require a change to electoral law to allow anybody who turns up before the time that polls close to vote.

  3. Mike Says:

    So what did this "Memorandum of Understanding with British Cycling" actually say? I can't find it anywhere on the Council web site.

  4. Mike Says:

    I have now been informed by a council officer that "the MoU is not available on the website or to the public." The FoI request is now in the system.