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My favourite bit of London

On a train at Euston heading north which is where I am now.

Two days ago I was in MMU's boardroom for a meeting of the Corridor Board. A remarkable amount of positive stuff given the overall economic climate. Work to convert and extend the former Eye Hospital into science based workspace should start soon. We discussed an ambitious but realistic masterplan for doubling the size of Manchester Science Park and an innovative bid for european funding under the ELENA programme to support our climate change action plan.

The night before I hosted an event for RBS Global Markets. They have already moved 100 jobs to Manchester and there are good prospects for more to follow. Later on Wednesday - yes I know this jumping around a bit - I meet with our Head of Research to discuss a piece of work on priorities in a climate of post global recession cuts before having a catch up with the Chief Exec of CityCo.

Then its up to the magnificent new Communications Academy on Rochdale Road. I'm there for a meeting with North Manchester councillors about the refresh of the area's Strategic Regeneration Framework but also a chance to see at first hand a real investment in the future of the area. The working day ends in the Irk Valley, just down the hill from the academy at Lower Crumpsall TRA. A good meeting with residents really making a difference to where they live.

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  1. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    I know Manchester's your job and all, and that some of these statements are only made to get a rise out of people like me, but come on! My favourite bit of London is metres from yours, but getting off the train and heading up the ramp! One of the great advantages of Manchester for me is that Euston is a mere two hours away.

    There's a tremendous feeling of freedom arriving in London - there's a whole city to go at and it's just a case of choosing which bits to see. Everyone has their own London, sometimes very different but overlapping and occasionally intersecting. The same is true of Manchester, of course, albeit on a smaller scale, but I get the feeling that the council sees those of us who live here not as free agents that are ourselves the city but as co-optees in some grand civic plan. The fact is that not everyone in Manchester thinks alike - and it is precisely that diversity that makes great cities - like London - tick.

  2. Hummingbird Says:

    I agree. Its got to the stage now whereby anyone living only ten miles out of the city centre is very much treated like an "outsider". You don't have to live in the city centre boundry to have the city's best interests at heart.

  3. ABU Says:

    My favourite bit of London is the British Museum. However hard i try once i get there i just get drawn to Russell Sq tube and find myself in the museum again and again and again.

    My favourite bit of Manchester is St Annes Sq/St Peter Sq at Christmas. It might be a bit busy these days but it ooozes atmosphere. Or perhaps the Britons Prorection/City Arms...

  4. Anon Says:

    North Manchester deserves better than drab retail parks and insipid housing estates that are the most tangible features of its regeneration so far. Even the magnificent Hexagon Tower is being swamped by these little identikit red boxes - a terrible affront to the site's rich heritage and local character. Its essential that the refreshed Regeneration Framework works hard to turn around perceptions of the area that is still seen as very much second best to the familiar South Manchester neighbourhoods. Where major investment is planned the focus must be ensuring developments are of the highest quality possible and deliver the best possible outcomes for local communities.

  5. ABU Says:

    @ eh....myself
    I meant Albert Sq not St Peters Sq

  6. Ian Says:

    Covant Garden and the Thearte part of London around Shaftsbury Ave and down the embankment. Mind good place to visit but not a great city to live in I stayed there eight years but Manchester is so much nicer you can keep your fancy city jobs Manchester is great......

  7. Richard Leese Says:

    The title comes from a speech I made during a debate in the first Manchester International Festival where the question was " Is London bad for Manchester " I was arguing the case against! Closer to home, we have been working ever more closely with neighbouring authorities so we can get the best out of everything Greater Manchester has to offer. The colloboration stretches from Cheshire East to Blackburn. Hardly inward looking and parochial!



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