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Liberty and Equality

An embarrassing forty five minutes late for my first appointment today, especially as it's only five minutes from home on the Abraham Moss campus. I'm visiting the Lancasterian School run Independent Development Service ( IDS ). Unfortunately my office sends me to the school itself in West Didsbury.

I arrive there dead on time only to have to turn around and head back to North Manchester although when I eventually get to the right place it is well worth the effort. The service takes young people with a physical impairment from schools all over Manchester and gives them a residential experience in which they can learn the skills of living independently. I'm given a tour by two young people, one a pupil at Abraham Moss, the other from Chorlton High, and then have a chat with them, some of the service's parents group, and some of the staff. Very positive feedback from the service users and from one " graduate " of the programme who joins the discussion. Very impressive indeed.

Later in the day I go to HMP Manchester, known to most of us as Strangeways. Re-offending on release is much higher amongst short-term prisoners than with long-term prisoners and the prison has been working with the City Council and other partners on a scheme aimed at reducing re-offending rates. It's a voluntary programme and provides appropriate support in prison, identifying on an individual basis any obstacles to going straight, drug-use, lack of accommodation, job loss etc and the support continues for three months post-release. So far it does seem to have brought about significant reductions in re-offending rates. In the long-term it will probably pay for itself but with the comprehensive spending review around the corner both this scheme and the IDS are vulnerable to public expenditure cuts.

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  1. Diary Secretary Says:

    Oops! My fault, won't happen again.

  2. franky Says:

    This govts cuts will undo all the good things along with the wasteful things. There's no escape

  3. Janine Says:

    It's nice to see south manchester featuring in the blog- even if you did visit by mistake! Combe back soon !



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