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The Living Roof in Piccadilly

This morning we unveiled plans to bring more green space to Manchester city centre thanks to a "living roof" for the pavilion in Piccadilly Gardens.

We'd like to see the roof covered with grasses and plants to attract insects, birds and other wildlife right into the heart of the city.

We're working with architects at Grant Associates, who say the roof will be shaped like a feather, with a tapering shape to accentuate the pavilion, which was designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

There's been controversy over the years about the changes around Piccadilly but nowadays, on a sunny day, when the fountains are playing and youngsters are darting through the jets of water, it really reflects our aspirations to be a world-class city.

Subject to planning approval, work should start early next year and we should be able to enjoy the extra greenery by summer 2008.

The living roof is part of our Green City initiative and I'm particularly keen because it will help us mitigate against pollution in this area of Manchester.

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