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The Power of the Ballot Box

Perhaps overshadowed a little by events the same day relating to an earlier election up the road in Oldham, but there was a Manchester City Council by-election last week in Hulme.

I've not seen the results published anywhere including on the Council's own web-site. Local electors, and indeed many people with a wider interest in politics, will be interested in the result so in the interests of open democracy here it is : -

Baynham, Grace  -  Liberal Democrat Focus Team  -  151

Lone, Amina  -  The Labour Party  -  1031

Nzeribe, Deyika  -  Green Party  -  451

Stobart, Will  -  Conservative Party Candidate  -  67

To save some of you time, happy to take comments on the reporting of local politics or of a similar nature, but won't be publishing any comments of a party political nature on this.

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  1. Smyth Harper, MCC Says:

    The results do actually appear on the site, although you do admittedly have to click a bit to get there. Here it is:

    This info was sent to the media by the press office last Friday morning, but as Sir Richard says, they were probably distracted by events up the road.

    Smyth Harper
    Head of News, MCC

  2. Nigel Barlow Says:

    the results and the election were covered extensively on Inside the M60 where we interviewed candidates and covered some of the main issues.
    At least we are keeping local democracy alive unlike other Manchester publications

  3. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    If Ian's isn't a comment of a party political nature, I don't know what is!

  4. Ian Says:

    M60 what is it?

  5. Ian Says:

    Richard said he would'nt commont not that other people could'nt since it is paid for by tax payers of which i am one.

  6. franky Says:

    I would hardly call this council election democracy when there were less than 20% of the electorate voting. They say voting is a duty, perhaps we should introduce fines for those who don't!

  7. Aaron H Says:

    I live in Hulme, and I voted!
    Very interested to read the liberal democrat leaflet which ambitiously claims that they have managed to 'secure further frontline policing' for Hulme. As someone who works quite closely with the police, I wasn't aware that councillors had the jurisdiction to tell GMP how to conduct their affairs, or affect policing numbers...

  8. Squidge Says:

    I wonder if Mr Leese would have been so keen to post these results in the interest of open deomcracy had another party won by such a large margin.

  9. Timmy Says:

    I think this result just shows that MCC are doing all the right things well done to Richard....

  10. bicolouredpythonrocksnake Says:

    REDSTEVE57, Aaron H and Timmy seem to have slipped through the net as well! Perhaps party political comments are allowed if they favour the 'right' party? Of course, pointing this out could probably be construed as party political as well, so I don't really expect this comment to appear either!

  11. Richard Leese Says:

    Regular readers will know that although I try to keep my entries party political neutral we don't normally block any comments that are submitted. You will also know that at least as many are critical of me and the current Council administration as are supportive. I did feel that on this particular post overtly party political comments would be inappropriate but in my defence for the ones that have slipped through, Im not the site moderator. Just one comment though, if the result had been different, it undoubtedly would have attracted far more media attention.

  12. Marc Hudson Says:

    Er, Manchester Climate Fortnightly (remember us, Sir Richard - we interviewed you in July) covered this on our blog on 5th November. Btw, there's going to be a rather interesting story about Hulme up on the site tomorrow, btw.

  13. Aaron H Says:

    My previous comment was not intended to be party political, more showing that political jousting, half-truths and blatant lies are as alive in Hulme as they are in Uppermill. It seems that everyone has their own version not just of a good idea but also what is true and false. However, you've got to draw the line somewhere - a lie is a lie.

  14. coop Says:

    Marc, I thought you'd flown off to Australia?



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