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Time Warp

The less said about yesterday morning the better. Was on the 7.15 train to London for a meeting of something called the LG ( short for Local government Association ) Group Executive.

The train was twenty minutes late. An unusual occurrence nowadays and anyway I still had plenty of time to make the meeting except my Victoria Line tube train was then held up by signal failure at Green Park, I escaped to the Northern Line arriving thirty minutes late to find that someone somewhere had arranged a substitute for me. I wish I'd left the substitute to it because the meeting itself was dire. Well chaired but dire. The LGA is the body that is supposed to liaise between the whole of local government with central government. The Group Executive is its equivalent of the Council's Executive. the meeting was like a throw back to the nineteen nineties. I'd expected serious discussion about how we could further the interests of local government, local communities, but instead saw the worst sort of tribalism.

Much better was the evening which I spent in the VASA club just off Rochdale Road in Blackley. The event was a fundraiser for the recently robbed Angel Memorial, the war memorial in Boggart Hole Clough. The Council is going to replace the stolen plates naming those who gave their lives for the country, and the money raised on the night will go to fund enhanced security. In total around £2,000 was raised. It was a great night, so well done to Councillor Joanne Green and all the others involved in arranging it.

A less intense day today. Main item was the monthly meeting of the AGMA Chairs and Vice-Chairs. We had an enormous agenda but got through it in an efficient hour. A model of cross-party working that the LGA might want to learn from. Before that I had half an hour with the new Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The relationship with the Chamber has always been important but no more so than now when we really need to stimulate private sector growth to compensate for the job losses arising in the public, private and voluntary sectors from the Comprehensive Spending Review.

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There are 4 responses to “ Time Warp”

  1. Ian Says:

    'but instead saw the worst sort of

    Please do tell? it would be interesting to here.

  2. Squidge Says:

    I'm curious about this 'susbtitute'. Is there some kind of lab in the town hall basement stacked floor to ceiling with Richard Leese clones?

  3. Aaron H Says:

    Probably the same kind of tribalism that exists in Local Authorities everywhere. Unwillingness to hear new ideas, work across boundaries or look at more effective ways of working together. Something needs to be done - this kind of tribalism is the scurge of any real progress when it comes to delivering more effective joined up services.
    Have a quiet word with them next time Richard!

  4. Ian Says:

    Is that why we can't work with Trafford then



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