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Compare and Contrast

Two days demonstrating the range and extent of a normal day. Yesterday morning I made the short (because it wasn't at rush hour) trip to Warrington for the first meeting of the Regional Transition Board, at which I represent local authorities from across the North West.

The board has been set up jointly with the North West Development Agency to oversee what we need to be a smooth transition between the NWDA as it winds down and whatever new arrangements take its place. The work in the North West is going very well but there is a large measure of uncertainty as there are still many areas in which government has yet to decide what it wants to do. That also of course gives us opportunities to suggest ways forward before national policy is set in stone. The day ends closer to home with my councillor's advice bureau in Crumpsall, part of the bread and butter of being a councillor.

Today starts with a North Manchester focus as I meet an MEN journalist recently assigned to the north of the city, busy meeting people to get the background to the patch, as well as making the contacts she hopes will supply her with a ready pipeline of stories. Then via a short meeting about the constitutional relationship between central and local government, I'm off to the launch of next years Great Manchester Run. Entries opened this morning and by noon had already topped the six thousand mark for what is now the UK's number one 10k run. It's a fantastic participation event with thirty eight thousand runners, it's a first-class elite athlete competition, it's a draw for tens of thousands of supporters, it raises millions for charity, and it (and the city) looks good on TV. Hoping to take part for the fourth time myself next year almost certainly trying to raise money for the Christie although there are many other equally worthy causes. I will also be moving up an age group and want to beat this year's 6th in the 55-59 class - not that I'm competitive. This evening my penultimate meeting will be at the Methodist Church on Lansdowne Road in Crumpsall for the Friends of Crumpsall Park's AGM. The Friends do a brilliant job organising events in the park, most notably the annual Crumpsall Carnival, and have been a major factor in making Crumpsall Park one of the best and best used in the city.

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  1. T Matthews Says:

    Complete agreement on the Manchester Run - in that it is a fantastice event for the City, which does indeed make it look great on television. The only concern with the event is that as the years have gone on it has become increasingly expensive. Obviously much of this money goes to charity which is fabulous but as the entry price goes up and up I think many runners from Manchester who want to carry out the run for fitness and for charity feel that the price is just too high. Good luck in the run yourself for May (I know you must hardly control entry costs!), too expensive for me (I have likewise taken part in the rum several times previously).

  2. REDSTEVE57 Says:

    If T Matthews stopped "taken part in the rum" maybe he could afford the entry fee!! The Manchester Run is now an annual beacon and a great advertising platform for our City but most importantly it raises huge sums of money for a plethora of charities. So don't worry about contributing your donations solely to the Christie, Richard, all the other charities, both major and minor, will benefit tremendously from this magnificent spectacle. See you in May!!

  3. T Matthews Says:

    Yes, my post did did feature a spelling mistake. I think the run is fantastic but £36 is quite steep regardless and stops some people competing. It won't matter to the run as it is so polular. It was only a small point I raised, as I stated the run is fantastic and an example among many whereby this Council supports really good intiiatives and helps it succeed as the true Second City of England



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