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Persistence Pays Off

The first meeting of the Greater Manchester Shadow Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Board takes place this morning.

It's a relatively short agenda comprising proposals for the establishment of a permanent LEP board (the majority of the places will be filled by open recruitment but I should warn any prospective applicant before the mad rush that it is unpaid), work on a city-region bid to the new regional growth fund, and early proposals for the reorganisation of the Manchester Family group of companies (Marketing Manchester, MIDAS, New Economy, Manchester Solutions) to cope with a 25% budget cut.

Coincidentally we received the letter from Ministers last night confirming their approval to the establishment of a Combined Authority. Not a very exciting name I know but this will for the first time bring together transport and economic development on a statutory basis across the Manchester city-region. Manchester and the other English core cities have been campaigning for these sorts of governance structures for more than a decade but Manchester is the only one so far to get formal arrangements put in place. This puts us in many respects on a similar footing to London but without the distraction of a Boris or a Ken. Instead it's been achieved in a bottom-up, made in Manchester way. This could turn out to be one of the most significant developments in local government for decades.

The last couple of weeks has seen a team of Inspectors crawling all over the children's services part of the Council, and key partners, particularly health, looking at our arrangements for safeguarding children and for looked after children. This afternoon we get their initial feedback but unfortunately won't be able to make any of that public until we receive their written report next month as their conclusions now have to go through a moderating process. It's been a nervous time for staff but they have approached this three yearly inspection in a really positive way, proud of what they are doing for Manchester, our children and their families, but determined to improve and learn from the Inspector's report. Like them I'm crossing my fingers that they'll get the report they deserve.

There are 4 responses to “Persistence Pays Off”

  1. Marc Hudson Says:

    Shurely shome mishtake as they say in Private Eye - the word is persistence...

    And should the Local Economic Partnership be a Local Ecological Partnership, since sooner or later oil prices are going to make the importation of much of what we need very expensive?

  2. Aaron H Says:

    In the name of transparency, will the report into Children's Services be made public so that the people of Manchester can see how well they are being served by this service?

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    Marc, it's the Australian spelling! Aaron I believe we get the moderated report around December 17th and it will then be made public.

  4. Aaron H Says:

    Thank you.



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