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Helping planning for the Olympics

We had a visit today from councillors and officers from Waltham Forest, one of the London boroughs that will help to host the Olympics in 2012. They are keen to learn as much as possible about Manchester's experiences of the Commonwealth Games.

I intended to spend only 15 minutes with them before they toured our outstanding sports facilities, but the conversation was so interesting that the first hour flew by very quickly.

We're very proud of the way that the Commonwealth Games became a worthwhile experience for so many people across the North West; it wasn't just the sport but so many people especially the volunteers showed us how to take pride in our city, and to show ourselves off to the world.

Life's never been the same since that upsurge of Manchester spirit, and what's more we've got a fantastic collection of sports facilities too. Next year we'll be hosting five major events that are probably the largest collection of sports spectaculars in this country until the 2012 Olympics take place.

And for Waltham Forest, our key messages still ring true: Manchester vowed to build no white elephants, the facilities were completed on time and on budget and the experience was about so much more than 10 days of sport.

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