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B is for Baguley

And for by-election. Will take some respite from writing about cuts as although they're certainly dominating my agenda there are other things still happening in the city, and not all bad.

There was a Council by-election in the City Council's Baguley Ward yesterday following the sad death of well liked and respected Eddie McCulley. Baguley is largely a residential area, the Council housing currently benefiting from significant investment through Parkway Green local housing company. The two local High Schools, Newall Green and St.Paul's, have also been vastly improved through the previous government's Building Schools for the Future programme and both look stunning. The ward also contains Wythenshawe Hospital, Roundthorn Industrial Estate (one of the locations we will be looking to for private sector job growth and incidentally the home of the Shameless set), has Wythenshawe Park just the other side of the ward boundary and will be served by Metrolink before too long. The election result probably won't be reported elsewhere so here are the scores and well done to new Councillor Tracey Rawlins.

Labour 996

Conservative 160


BNP 52

Liberal Democrats 52

Greens 51

Independent 19

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  1. bbbbbbrillllll Says:

    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Need I say anymore.

  2. Ian Says:

    Bad night for the BNP then those dammed Lib Dems again..........what was the % of the vote then.

  3. ConDem Coalition Says:

    Roll on May.

  4. PuppyLove Says:

    The breakdown is:

    By Election, Labour 70% of the vote, Lib Dems 3.7% of the vote.

    In the 2010 Local Election it was:

    Labour 47% of the vote, Lib Dems 24.5% of the vote.

    BUT the turn out was down from 44% to just under 13%.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    fedup - your comments are uncalled for. As an employee whose job is also at risk, I think the council is doing the very best it can for the staff. There are few - if any - other local authorities in a similar position who are still trying to avoid compulsory redundancies.

  6. hooray Says:

    fed up, what's he saying that's sarcastic? Did you not like the result or something?

    The only reason his job is safe is because the people of Crumpsall returned him to the council (and I for one am proud to have put my "x" by Labour). Let's hope this result is repeated across the city next May.

  7. me Says:

    @hooray - things are still very raw so yes whilst we are happy with the result in Baguley it doesn't make what that man has done and is doing now any easier to bare. Until he admits he and the other one have acted appallingly towards staff and apologised, taken a pay cut or better still resigned, comments like "sarcastic" and worse will always be made and quite right too.

    @ fed up of sarcastic attitude - spot on!

  8. Unhappy Employee Says:

    Here here, sarcastic ...

  9. Heartbroken Says:

    @ fed up of sarcastic attitude : absolutely 100% to the point. But no one listening either.

  10. fed up with your sarcasim Says:

    hooray, I have always voted labour, I simply do not like the sarcastic undertones to most of Mr Leeses blogs! Does he think we are all too thick to get the sarcasim? Someone holding public office should know better! I have followed many of his blogs and this has been a on going theme. Just because he stands for labour does not make him immune from criticism!

  11. Yet another MCC employee Says:

    As a member of staff and a Manchester resident, I've been reading all the Leader's blog entries with interest but have never posted a comment. I feel like I've got to now though because my experience seems so different to so many of the other staff who've commented.

    I'm really not sure how other colleagues can say the news about redundancies was a shock. We've had several broadcast emails from the Chief Executive since the spending review and they've all made the situation that Manchester is in incredible clear. Early last week (before the last broadcast email and the press announcements) staff in my division also received a verbal briefing from senior managers and an emailed briefing note about the VER and VS plans. What more could managers have done??

    The VS and VER packages are generous. Much more generous than any of my friends and family who have been made redundant in the past have received. I love my job and love Manchester like most other staff, wish this wasn't happening. However it is - and anybody who thinks that managers and local politicians aren't taking this seriously must be stupid. We're all worried about our jobs but online moaning isn't going help and doesn't paint a very good impression of Council staff to outsiders.

  12. Coulrophobia Says:

    Sir Richard, B also stands for something else....
    "the home of the Shameless set" I thought the Shameless set operated out of the Clownhall, am I and lots of others wrong Sir Richard?

  13. Jake Says:

    Let's hope the Baguley result is repeated throughout Manchester in May - let's get rid of all the Lib-Dems - now they have shown us what their true colours are - yellow streaks all down the back !!!!!

  14. Bernie Wood Says:

    here is a bright light to add to Wythenshaw a satalite service of the very unique Talbot House Support Centre will be working in parnership with the Tree of Life supporting parent carers of people with leraning disabilities watch this space for starting date.

  15. Cassandra Says:

    Why 'sarcastic' !!Why do you think Cllr Leese is being sarcastic - because he uses his blog to give us an election result? The Council are not responsible for the cuts and job losses that are coming - just ask yourself - did you vote last May and if so who did you vote for ?? I would like to know how many Council workers (particularly staff who are non-Manchester residents) either didn't bother to vote at all or voted for other parties !!!

  16. who cares who i am Says:

    I think hooray and jimmy are one in the same namely Sir Richard Leese

  17. me Says:

    Just for the record I did vote and voted for Labour as I have always done. However, this does not mean I cannot blame Leese and Co for the appalling way in which these cuts have been handled. Don't worry I also blame the coalition but Leese and Bernstein haven't exactly handled things well inthe way staff have been informed.

    Please do not make out that just because we have a gripe against Leese and co means that we all voted Lib Dem/Tory or worse not voted at all.

    Been a Labour supporter all my life but VERY dissolusioned with the lot of them coalition alike.

  18. BSL Says:

    "Does he think we are all too thick to get the sarcasim?". Well if we're incapable of spelling it correctly, maybe. I think sarcasm's great and should be encouraged.

    And Coulrophobia, "Clown Hall" WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, you don't have to make this "quip" in every post do you?

    The cuts are a bad situation but I don't feel that MCC in general has acted apallingly towards it's staff. Take the VS & run if you don't like it, It's pretty generous & I'm sure people with your positive attitude will have no problem finding another employer to grumble about.

  19. Heartbroken Says:

    @Yet another MCC employee : Not sure which planet you live in but please read all those comments you mention again and try to understand why we are so worried. I am sure you have not written those as you are one of them.

  20. Realist Says:

    There are too many people angry on here with the two Sirs.
    Ok they could have ensured we all knew about the redundancies before the press.
    They have not been responsible for slashing funding from the centre, the coalition has.
    No one is being forced out of the Council yet.
    They are asking for volunteers and are offering generous severance packages.
    MCC did not ask many of us to work for them, we came because we wanted to.
    Now if MCC needs to reduce their staff base, then let them.

    Vote the coalition out.
    Ireland has proved that a coalition can fail, we did the one in the UK to do so before it's too late.

  21. gladtobeanemployee Says:

    BSL - I doubt I'll be getting my letter re: VR, because I come under the umbrella department that is Manchester Temps. Most of us have done our time, with 10 days less holiday, no pension or sickness benefits, and no increments. Take the money and run would a fine thing in our case but MCC have got themselves into a mess with temporary workes and are looking desperately fo a loophole that will let them get rid of us without an M-People or VR offer.

  22. concerned Says:

    I don't have a real problem with the fact that cuts have got to be made - that's life and there isn't a lot you can do about it. What does concern me is the lack of VALID information. We get told we can opt into M people, then told that we are all part of M people anyway. We get told if we are given lower grade posts our salary is protected for 3 years - and then we are told it isn't. It's so very unsettling. I don't particularly want to leave my job, but I may have to. Who can we go to for advice - we are told our Managers, however I am a manager and I don't know what to advise my staff and likewise my Manager doesn't know what to advise me. We are told that Life Coaches are available and they have had 2 days training - sorry how can someone with 2 days training be a life coach. I'm 57 years old, disabled, with a disabled husband - what can they tell me. The morale in my team is rock bottom. A meeting was held last Monday at the Town Hall which was just a regurgitation of the e mails we had had, they told us no more and there was 10 minutes for questions. Not nearly sufficient. So I'm sorry but until we get more clarity MCC will not be getting the best out of these staff.

  23. ABU Says:

    @Yet another MCC employee

    You have been very lucky with your management by the sounds of it. There was no such information provided in my department.

    I have mixed feelings about the whole process. I know there is a need for cuts and that the blame for these can largely be placed at the door of the Government. However Sirs Richard (who i have a lot of respect for) & Howard hung onto the belief for to long that Manchester could get by without VER/VS. This process should have been instigated, allbeit on a smaller scale, 6 months to a year ago.

    We have had two or three year long restructures, job evaluations, DOT etc but none of these things have come close to preparing the Council, even in part, for what was to come. Therefore, despite not being fully to blame, Sirs Richard and Howard do need to shoulder some of the responsibility.

  24. Heartbroken Says:

    Well Said ABU

  25. pulling the wool Says:

    BSL you are Mr Leese!

  26. another yet another MCC employee Says:

    ABU - the council's medium term financial plan had massive cuts in it, so I dont think you can really say that the top bods weren't preparing for cuts. It's more that the Tories and their Lib Deb lickspittles have for some reason decided to punish the poorest parts of the country the most, which just also happen to be labour strongholds.

    Have to say that I agree with yet another MCC employee - I think the way in which there's so much griping on here does make us look bad. We're all concerned about our jobs, but I know who the blame lies squarely with, and it isn't Richard Leese.

  27. not impressed with the wit Says:

    BSL so glad your enjoying the SARCASM. Does the threat of redunancy excite you? Il bet your in management or perhaps your Sir Rick himself! Lets make light of a very serious situation! Ha ha effin ha!

  28. ABU Says:

    @another yet another MCC employee
    So you think blame lies 100% with central Government and that MCC should have no blame attached to it? A genuine question and not a dig!

  29. BSL Says:

    I WISH I was Richar Leese. I hear he get's paid more than Barack Obama.
    The threat of redundancy doesn't "excite" me but there's not a great deal I can do about it other than deal with the situation in front of me. Hey I heard constantly playing devils advocate & demanding apologies in blog comment sections helps, maybe I'll try that.
    as for my position in the council, there's a great deal of freedom being on the bottom rung, I don't live beyond my means & could easily survive if i had to go & work in McDonalds, feel free to pop in & say hi in six months, I'll even give you an extra slice of gherkin on your burger.

  30. ME Says:

    - Have a nice day!!!!

  31. B for my name Says:

    Working in McDonalds,lol, are you all aware the minimum wage is LESS than £200 a week? I work in your offices for this. All I see is an awful lot of people on an awfully good wage. Try doing your job but on minimum slave, I mean wage. Oh wait that would be unfair, you could just as easily get a muppet like me to do it for less.



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