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Our new graduate trainees

Tonight I've met our new intake of eight graduate trainees - youngsters who have won jobs with the city council and who are going to become key managers in the future.

Several of our new trainees studied at Manchester University, and it's good to hear the passion they've developed for our city, and why they want to stay here.

Out of the eight, four are going to be based in our Children's Services, which is the largest council department and is about to undergo vast change and improvement.

As a city, we know we need to help our young people to get better qualifications and skills to equip them for jobs of the future.

So we have started working closely with major Manchester industries such as finance, building, media and ICT so that teenagers of the future will be able to experience the world of work while they are still studying at school.

This means big changes for our high schools, and many will be rebuilt or refurbished over the next five years. There will be a large consultation exercise for parents, pupils and everyone affected in the autumn with more information on our website.

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  1. Realist Says:

    How have the 8 graduate trainees developed over the last 3 and half years?



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