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A Flicker of Light

Back to yesterday and thought I would mention the airport and not just to see if Marc Hudson is still tuning in from the Antipodes but mainly because I was at an airport board meeting yesterday. Mostly when I mention the airport I get at least a couple of irate posts from people complaining about our plans for airport growth. Not sure they've noticed but for the last few years passenger numbers ( at airports across the UK , not just Manchester ) have been going down.

Security issues, recession, extreme wintry weather and volcanic dust have all played their part. Manchester Airport Group has remained profitable through the downturn which can't be said of all airports and the last couple of months have seen the first green shoots of going back into growth. It's probably helped that Manchester has invested in winter preparedness and stayed open throughout this winter's heavy snows but we have seen growth especially in scheduled long haul which is the most important sector to underpin overall economic growth in the city-region.

Yesterday afternoon I was in Harpurhey for the sod-turning ceremony for a new youth activity centre. Ironic I know given announcements earlier this week, but this is a voluntary sector led project through an organisation called Onside based on a very successful model already operating in Bolton. The new centre should be open by the end of the year and could provide a model for the future for youth activities throughout the city . Lots of energy and enthusiasm from the people leading the project and whatever else it shows that the city still has the capacity for doing new things, the capacity to keep moving forward.

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  1. unhappy Says:

    Can I ask why their are no replies to savage blog in response to the cuts at Children Centres are we being ignored?

  2. Sugar Says:

    Can anyone who has had to go into M People tell me how it was for them? I don't know if I should take the VER or opt into M people. These are the only choices i have!

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    @unhappy. The Savage entry gave an e-mail address to which enquiries need to go. I also added a comment reminding people to use that e-mail address if they wanted answers to specific questions

  4. Concern for young people Says:

    Its great a charity from outside of manchester can come in gain support and funding to open a new youth facility but no mention of the facilities or provision that already exist...will there be any options for local charities,community groups, social enterprices or indeed mcc employess to have an option to take these over? or will they just be left to rot or sold on?

  5. unhapy Says:

    In response to Richard Leese I have used the email address but again the response was read the proposal this still does not answering the questions alot of concerned staff and parents have.

  6. Not Lost Yet Says:

    I went to the demonstration to save Levenshulme Bath today. It was brilliant! We must have been around 400 people - including Sir Gerard.. we are not accepting the cuts. We want to save Levenshulme bath and not on the expence of something else in the city - there is money around. Plenty! Do not let the ConDem get away attacking public serivses - we need to make it clear to them that we do not tolerate that we are paying for the top 5% getting richer, big business not paying there share and bank bonuses...we are not talking a christmas turkey here! 11 millioneres making desitions of our children's future ... yeh they know how it is to live in the real world. Lets get together the 5 March to make it clearer for those who make desitions ... Cairo can come to Manchester ...!

  7. Red Mist Says:

    Sugar - M People is a scam. There are no jobs so staff in M People are just being flirted around to fill in for sickness and holidays. It is worrying that if compulsory redundancies are brought in, I would imagine it would be easier to target those in M People first. I'm not trying to worry you - just giving you my experience. Even a Personnel Officer told me she had no faith in it.

  8. MCC employee Says:

    The year 2013 and school children are on a trip to Manchester Airport Museum Manchester airport after the recession of 2011 when the cuts came it had a big impact on the airport due to many Early years, adult services and many more workers being placed into poverty no body could afford to go on holiday so what was once a busy airport with hundreds of planes flying in and out is now a museum for the children. If only they had sold it and saved our jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hmmm Says:

    @MCC Employee

    your post was laughable i mean cmon abit of a pesismist aren't we? Airports will never fail to make money as they dont only just transport people they transport all manner of goods which brings in money i think everyone needs to stop bi**ch*n and just get on with it. which is what every single mcr resident will have to do whilst these clowns that call themselves MP's tear the Great out of Britain.

  10. Ice Says:

    I think that the long term revenue of the airport would propbably be more beneficial in the long run. That doesn't mean MCC has other assets that aren't worth selling.

    I hear more and more about charity organisations propping up. Carrying out youth/community work with self regulated funding and procuring. I have seen the salaries of some of these workers and it does make you wonder!!

  11. disgruntled employee Says:

    unhappy -
    I agree totally with you. Sir Richard won't answer any concerns over the blog as this would make it a public arena. Decisions have already been made - it's about time we were told about them. It's all underhand with no communication to staff and users of services. Come on Sir Richard a little transparency is whats needed.

  12. Andy K Says:

    @MCC employee

    May have escaped your attention but there is a simple reason that the Airport (share, we don't own it all) is not sold, and nor will the City of Manchester Stadium for the same reason. One lump sum will fix very few issues, what happens 6 months down the line when that money has gone and there is no more recurring income from these places? exactly we end up in a far worse situation. Think before you type!

    The council owns shares in many businesses, if they are worth more sold off then they will be (they have in the past) but if they are worth more on an on going basis they will not and should not be sold as a quick fix as it leads to a bigger hole down the road ... literally for some!

  13. Marc Hudson Says:

    Hullo from the Antipodes (just don't mention the Ashes).
    There's an analogy here with the Transport Innovation Fund, which you may recall was a topic of some interest in 2008. I distinctly recall the knuckle-draggers saying "but there's no congestion at the moment, what with the recession and all" and various proponents of the TIF (their names escape me at the moment) patiently explaining that these were momentary blips and plateaus (or plateaux) in an upward trend that had to be considered in any responsible long-term planning. Funny how the same logic does NOT apply to growth at the airport. The long-term problems of every increasing emissions growth will be solved with... um... magical thinking?
    Marc Hudson

  14. Didnt go on holiday Says:

    @Sir Richard

    You say the airport has invested in winter preparedness and stayed open through this winters heavy snows. You clearly were not at Manchester airport on the evening of the 17th December when the airport closed leaving many passengers stranded OR having to make their own way to London !!!!! I'm still waiting for my Taxi fare to be refunded, can I send you the bill ?

  15. Kal Says:

    @Marc Hudson
    That's the spirit Marc, the people who disagreed with the TIF proposals were 'knuckle draggers' whilst those in favour gave patient and reasoned arguments for.
    My recollection was that there was an acknowledgement of congestion but that the proposals, including a huge loan did not seem economically sound. If congestion fell, the money brought in by the charge would have dropped and not covered the huge loan repayments.
    That seems crazy doesn't it, relying on funding that you are expecting to drop to pay back a loan? There was also a degree of anger that the majority of funding was made up of a loan rather than a grant.
    I look forward to you further enlightening the uneducated masses.
    I'll have to stop typing now, my knuckles are hurting.

  16. RichardLeese Says:

    There are two very good reasons for asking people to direct questions, comments and proposals to the Budget Enquiries e-mail address. The first is that all enquiries can be directed to the most appropriate person to respond which most of the time won't be me. Secondly responses to the consultation are being collated so that they can be part of a public report to the Resources and Governance Overview and Scrutiny Committee when it meets to consider the budget proposals at the end of the month.

  17. MCC employee Says:

    Consultation with the staff Hmmm!!!! Don't listen to them, Don't give them a chance to have their say, run out of the building at 8pm on the DOT. We are not even worth staying an extra 30 mins for. We are all being sold down the river, staff, children and families. Pauline Newman's own words "Does not care who delivers the services as long as they are good" Well how are they going to make sure they are??? The future will be more child deaths and protection issues, more crime and families in poverty we are going backwards not forwards, Labour took 600,000 families out of poverty!! How long is it taking ConDem to put them all back????

  18. R P McMurphy Says:

    Put the ball in the basket Chief, dump that sucker right in there.

  19. Marc Hudson Says:

    @ Kal.
    That's the spirit Kal, casting aspersions at people for casting aspersions before carefully reading what they said. Inaccurate hypocrisy, much? I organised a debate about the TIF/congestion charge and how it related to climate change (not much, btw – it wasn't designed as such). And faulty as my memory is, I DO distinctly recall, of the 60 people there, there were indeed some “freedom to drive” sorts claiming "but there's no congestion at the moment, what with the recession and all."

    Perhaps the analogy has escaped you, so I will repeat it, and hopefully this time the Council Leader will address the irony. In 2008, the Council was willing to spend a lot of political capital to try to convince the people of Manchester that there was a big long-term common problem that was going to affect the lives of everyone in the city, and that collective action and government intervention was needed to sort it out.
    Three years later, the same Council acknowledges that there is a big long-term common problem that is going to affect the lives of everyone in the city is necessary. There's even a Climate Change Action Plan. Meanwhile, the same Council wants Manchester Airport to expand. Your inaccurate hypocrisy is neither here nor there to me Kal. The Council's irks me somewhat.

  20. Kal Says:

    @Marc Hudson,
    Thanks for the explanation Marc, consider me gratefully enlightened.
    As somebody who doesn't fly, I obviously have my concerns around such expansion.
    My concerns are obviously shared by you, which is why you presumably swam to Australia.
    I really don't think you are in a place to lecture me about hypocrisy but you no doubt will.
    I am sure you had your reasons for flying such a huge distance, as does everybody else that flies.
    I am sure that your reasons were more important than everybody elses, and that you probably offset your carbon through MAG etc.
    I didn't cast aspersions Marc, I said that you labelled sections of people knuckle draggers, which you did. I am sure you would acknowledge that this is a slur on peoples characters (If you were so inclined, you could call it casting aspersions), implying a lack of evolution and higher thinking.
    Flying to Australia whilst complaining about airport expansion, regardless of mitigating factors, wekens your argument To paraprhrase, 'Hypocrisy Much?'

  21. John Says:

    @Marc Hudson and Kal. If you two would like to lead a reasoned debate about the sustainability of air travel and carbon reductions, both locally and internationally, that would be interesting to read. Using the blog as a forum for bitching and point scoring is as childish as it is egotistical and doesn't add anything to the experience of others accessing the site. What's more, this site is important at the moment and inane spats only serve to diminish it and the comment on it. Stop it please or find something sensible to say.

  22. Realist Says:

    I am afraid these public blogs are showing MCC employees in a very bad light.

  23. Noor khann Says:

    In response to Ice`s comments regarding charities popping up,with self regulating funding and the salaries of the workers what does it make you wonder ! Obviously you are one of these people who has never done any form of charity work,the word SELFISH comes to mind
    .I think most charities do a great job,regardless of where there funding comes from.

  24. Marc Hudson Says:

    @ John.
    Thank you (that's sincere, btw, not sarcastic). The vast majority of my last posting was actually about the issue at hand - and the Council Leader started his blog post by wondering if I was still paying attention. Perhaps, (third time lucky) he will comment on the irony I posed - that we have a collective action problem here. We have a problem that is only going to get worse the longer we do nothing about it, and doing the WRONG thing - expanding the airport, makes the problem harder to solve in the long term, and hooks Manchester's prosperity to unsustainable levels of flying (not everyone can spend 4 months travelling back to Manchester overland, after all).

  25. Kal Says:

    Find something interesting to say?
    How about rebuking the comments of others, would that be interesting?
    Keep your comments relevant John, to the subject at hand, not to me.
    There are far more comments on these blogs that do not come close to the subject matter than my own.
    In reponse to this post alone there are queries around M People, Levenshulme Baths, Childrens Centres etc as this is what people are concerned about, I wouldn't attempt to rebuke any of them for it.
    This is a public forum about Manchester, not John the Content Moderators Blog (otherwise, trust me, I wouldn't be reading it).
    In summary John, I don't care about you opinion but respect your right to voice it.

  26. Kipternooy Says:

    @ Ice
    In Response to your comment about “charities popping up with self regulating funding and the salaries of the workers what does it make you wonder”. I would like to object to that. I work full time for not much pay to allow me to continue to work with young people for a charitable organisation. I could go and work elsewhere for more money but the conditions of work wouldn’t be favourable to my charity work. Last year I gave over 1000 hours of my time voluntarily to charities, organising activities, raising money and helping out. I spent over £2000 of my own money attending different activities so the costs could be kept at a minimum for the young people. I drove all over the country with these activities and with training courses and meetings for these young people. Please do not just dismiss charities as a con. Many of those who work for charities VOLUNTEER, that means no salaries, no funding except for what they can raise. Try helping out before you can criticise others.

  27. lightflicker Says:

    "I could go and work elsewhere for more money... I spent over £2000 of my own money attending different activities so the costs could be kept at a minimum for the young people."

    You've just proved ice's point about salaries.

  28. Noor Khann Says:

    People that have issues with Charities should find a charity local to themselves and volunteer some of there TIME and see what they are doing.

  29. Hmmm Says:

    I want my own blog, you lot are pesimists that are now overly embroiled in your own selves (help me Sir Richard i been sat on my backside working for the council for 20 some years i dont want to have to make a tough decision about my future) yet you lot make the most critical important decisions for the residents of mannie day in day out, i seriously am bored of your crying, moaning, whinging comments to do with redundancies... it happens ... and in my opinion if you asked the residents if they cared, the sad truth for you is that they dont. See the reason i couldn't care less is that when ever i need to speak to a member of the council i get given the run around, i phone repairs in and get put through to several departments before making it to the final destination which leads me to believe there's too many chiefs not enough indians and that the council's organisational skills are overly sophisticated and none effictive... oh how i could rant on and on about the in-efficiency and how can i put it... lack of professionalism you lot show in meak times, whilst the communites continue to strive in the worst of conditions.. ( no jobs, crap accomadation, no aspirations etc etc)

    One day though we live in hope that we might actually get a straight talking councillor or PM but we dont hold our breath because were too young to die.

    feel free to rant back at me i'll respond with life experience over your academic stuff all day long.

    Hmmm hmm

  30. Anon Says:


    Point well made - not many people could give £2000 of their own money to a charity unless they are being over paid.

    I give as much as I can afford (which is a lot less that £2000) via PAYE and I have done this every month for the last 16 years so I dont have issues with charities.

    I think ICE has a valid point.

  31. M18 Says:

    You won't have any of those problems soon.
    Phoning through a repair? Join the ever growing waiting list.
    Manchester residents like you may not care but residents like me do.
    I understand that with a workforce of 12000 (for now) you won't always get through to the right person but in fairness, I bet this is more often than not your fault.
    Only when services are withdrawn will we really start to understand what we have been paying for.
    By the way, ask other residents whether they care about your problems with the council, the sad turth is that they don't.
    I don't need to hear you whinging, wining and moaning about poor council services. See the reason I couldn't care less about your opinion is that it is a poorly formed one with no rational behind it and you come over a little childish.
    Point in proof, too many departments, therfore too many chiefs, not enough indians. You can't just bang any old adage in there and hope it sticks.
    As a resident of Manchester I am appalled at what the government is doing to MCR and would like to thank all Council staff for their continued hard work.
    I can assure you, all residents I know think nothing like the previous oster.

  32. MCC Employee Says:


    What the hell are you waffling on about? Repairs. Take it your job is safe...that's if you have the intelligence to hold down a job....Most of the MCC Employees are expressing their sadness and disgust about Children's Services and the number of children that will suffer due to the Centres closing and their concerns about what will happen to the children who will slip through the net, the parent's who will lose their child;'s place, the MCC employees who will lose their jobs and possilbly houses and the m people farce and you sit there moaning about your own problems at not being able to order a repair! Get a grip for God's sake. You have nothing constructive to contribute to the blog so I suggest you don't bother.

  33. northernvoice Says:

    Hmmm, if you get your own blog, invest in a spellchecker.

    There’s no point in ‘ranting back at you’ as you’d destroy us with your ‘life experience’. Is that down on your C.V.?

    And what exactly would we be ‘ranting back at you for’ anyway? Your post fails to make a valid point about anything at all.

  34. Kipternooy Says:

    @anon & Lightflicker
    You think I am being paid to much money. That’s laughable. I am one of the low paid workers that have to make difficult decisions about my future. The money given to the local charity is not all at once and not just as cash. It’s used for transport, for purchasing materials to allow me to run activities, for accommodation and food for these activities. Basically is my spare income that doesn’t go on paying bills, mortgage and food is used for these charities. Same with all the spare time that I have. My actual point was that these charities do not pay employees too much, do not have self regulated funding, the are run by volunteers who work damn hard to provide an enjoyable environment where young people can socialise, learn new skills to take them forward into later life and grow as individuals to meet their potential. As previously mentioned. Try actually going out there and giving a couple hours of your time each week volunteering before offering generalised criticism to those charities and volunteers.

  35. Kipternooy Says:

    Oh and just to point out that the £2000 is well over 15% of my annual salary

  36. Skint Eastwood Says:

    I like youe money issues reply LOL, I work in your offices for the minimum wage, thats LESS than £11,000 per annum.I'm full time, I'm with the Future Jobs Fund. Which to be fair only has two problems, there are no Future Jobs, there is no Fund. Other than that it seems to be working fine (insert sarcastic remark here) What I see here is an awful lot of people who've become too used to getting a good wage and having the council look after them, most of you are in for a real shock when your going to have to deal with the "real" world of £65 a week JSA and "forced" low paid and voluntary jobs. There's no blog to write too there, use this space to create something good and positive. You never know, we might be able to help someone.

  37. Hmmm Says:

    @M18 & MCC Employee

    Want a tissue? Sounds like you both want to cry about my post, when the fact remains that alot of the currently employed employee's of MCC are just wastemen. Infact thats insulting to the wastemen who do a very good job of emptying my bins once a week, I'm glad your losing your jobs, maybe you wont take them for granted anymore.

    ~The Streets

    Dry your eyes m8

  38. Squidge Says:


    "I'm glad your losing your jobs"

    Grow up you silly little person.

  39. takethepowerback Says:

    You're glad that people will lose their jobs? You have the empathy of Hitler. Your "life experience" has taught you very little it would seem.

    How sweet to be an idiot

    - Neil Innes

  40. pip Says:

    To mmmm

    i take it you only phone man council then mmmm so your child has never been in a nursery or school never had his/her dinner made by the whinging people that sit on their back sides ha ha you make me laugh not .I take it you never got the opportunity to go to school either because as you say they are faceless people that sit on their bums nd whinge ,I would like to know how nursery teachers potty train , feed and lok after 2/3 yreae old children then or how the cook does their dinner or how the plates get washed yeap guess you can do a lot sat on your backside NOT dont insult altt the staff or tar them all with the same brush get real .These people are living breathing humans with husbands ,familys,bills to pay no wonder they are angry wouldny you be !

  41. Mcc employee Says:

    @ Hmmm
    Still waffling......

  42. lightflicker Says:


    Is that the song they play down the phone while you're on hold?

    The school of life that you attended obviously teaches courses on 'Making sweeping, misguided statements, then quoting awful songs from 'the streets'.'

    No need to be such a 'pesismist' (sic)

  43. mr happy Says:

    im alright jack thats what mmm seems to be saying welllets all those who do lose their jobs say sod you I'm alright jack when mmm loses his

  44. M18 Says:

    I don't work for the council, nor have I implied anywhere that I do.
    I am simply a Manchester resident who cares about his city.
    Best of luck with the whole once a week bin collecting thing and fortnightly dole collection.

  45. Hmmm Says:


    soz to burst your bubble mate but i work so no dole office for me, I'm also a McR resident, difference is i'm living in one of the few area's in McR thats been neglected for years by the council so my anger isn't for nothing i've endured years of hell because they do not do there job effectively but now the shoe's on the other foot and there gonna feel the toe end of it instead of us and i for one couldn't care less if they have no jobs.
    There will be a few less staff but i cant imagine i'll even notice the difference cos nothing will still be getting done in my area, as for services the bin men are the only ones who actually do a decent job, the police are a joke infact because of there lack of professionalism one man died a few month ago afterbeing stabbed to death outside a pub, which could of been avoided if the "first" time they turned up they actually moved people on or took some names etc but they did nowt and 10 mins after they had left a man loses his life in the street, imagine seeing that and wondering where your council tax goes too eh?
    Wake up, most of you live in posh town centre flats or in more desirable area's because you coulodn't live where i do. So i'll say what i want because like i said my experience of Mcr is much broader than yours.

  46. Hmmm Says:


    sorry i dont have kids so i havn't become a drain on the economy in that way just yet... and as for the nursery teacher who teaches to potty train and the cook and pot washer :S how about you just teach the nurse to make some food and wash pots then you can sack the cook and the pot washer no probs, easily start getting rid of the 2k people who need to be shown the door, Don't see what your all complaining about to be honest. One things for sure pip you sound very "nursery orientated" is that your job by any chance and if it is lets just hope your not teaching them youngster's how to spell :S mines not great but your's is terrible.

  47. Ummm Says:

    I'm all for freedom of speech but is there any chance Hmmm's IP address could be blocked? He or she is clearly a moron with nothing constructive to add to this highly sensitive debate.

  48. takethepowerback Says:

    "Wake up, most of you live in posh town centre flats or in more desirable areas" Where's your source for this info?? I work for MCC and live in one of the poorest wards in the country. You are just a bitter deluded individual, with a persecution complex who wants to blame the council, the police and anyone else for your lot in life.

  49. Hmmm Says:


    "your lot in life" if by that you mean, young deprived and persecuted then you'd be right however stereotyping me because i mentioned a mans life being taken outside my house because the police force didn't exercise there power correctly then your more of a t*** than them officers who have a mans death on their concience, it's all too easy for "you lot" to sit back and stereotype us as thugs and no good... but look at what we have to put up with... a goverment who are more dodgy than half the people who be sharing cells in Strangeways, then you got these councillors who only give a shi**e about there paycheck at the end of the month, when you talk about frontline services being cut i say im not bothered because in my community there's no sight of these services anyway... wouldn't you be pis**ed or is your poorest ward in Manchester actually not that bad... this is the thing just cos we live in the same city doesn't mean we get the same treatment.
    East Manchester has been redesigned and built beyoned recognition in the last 8-10 years whereas you can take a trip round North and it's hardly changed at all. Anyway your all apparently smart folk open your eyes.

  50. M18 Says:

    Sorry, assumed from your lack of manners and bitter attitude that you were long time unemployed/unemployable.
    For your ease of reference, I can advise that M18 is Gorton, an area of Manchester that has hardly seen great investment from the Council.
    I do not support the council, it's leaders, or those in charge, but I do support the front line staff.
    The front line staff do a good job in diffcult circumstances and wishing them out of work is ridiculous.

  51. pip Says:

    to hmmm

    instead of sitting on here whinging on why dont you do something about your area also my area gorton the one thats had no money invested in it so would like to know where the hell the big new Tesco has come from or the new gorton Market or all the new buliding wok on St James school so as you can see Hmm other people might live in the same area as you but dont whinge about it ,Me for one and am grateful for the mount rd nursery that helped my child I take it you are not a and as you say have no kids well and dont drain the resourses . Just think if your mother thought like that you wouldn't be here .

  52. Lightflicker Says:


    "Young, deprived and persecuted"... aw, just like the song! You should release an album about how tough life is on the mean streets.

  53. M18 Says:

    In fairness he did specifically refer to Council investment.
    The Tesco in gorton wasn't funded by the Council, it was funded by Tesco to make profits for them.
    The new Gorton market is smaller, less inhabited and worse than the old one (it's next to Tesco which takes most of the business).
    The building work at St James' school??? How many residents does that benefit?
    Gorton is being left to rot but I still support the Council's frontline, just not the leadership.

  54. pip Says:

    @ m18

    yes i support the frontline workers too not the leadership i am one of the front line staffthat dont know what the hell is going on could join m people ?? could be tuped ?? or could get made redundant ! oh you can take severance which for a low paid worker is nothing it dosent even go on the 30 yrs service i have done so all the high earners that have been there for 5 yrs get more so much for loyalty so yes i agree the leadership leave a lot to be desired in my book

  55. sad Says:

    @ pip

    can see your point i know for a fact that al the old council nurserys (not the new sure starts ) have all had thousands spent on them and been fully refurbished then they throw all their own staff on the dole yep thats ledership for you

  56. takethepowerback Says:


    If its so bad then, ever thought of moving? Or is that too simple a solution for your simple mind? Yes, where i live there have been lots of murders, beatings, robberies and all manner of heinous activity. But personally, I'd be more inclined to blame the people who actually committed the crimes, than the police. But like I said earler, I dont have a persecution complex. Cant wait for your next post..i'll get my violin at the ready.

  57. Hmmm Says:


    Ofcourse in the last 6 years i've considered moving but the stress that comes with that is enough to put me off and the area i live in, Cheetham Hill/Collyhurst is home now. My problems were/are the state of the housing and the inefficiency of the council when you actually need them (which isn't often) but when you do need to speak to someone whether it be about issue's in the area, issue's with the property ... you get fobbed off left right and centre. However when it's an equiry about rent..... you guessed it there all over you like a tramp outside the cashpoint with his plastic cup.
    Good to know that, that tramp could be you "takethepowerback" what with the current employment situation arising at MCC. :-)

  58. joe Says:

    @ take the power back

    I wouldn't even bother putting comments on for hmmm hes just s sad little loser who wants to see people out of work and last time i looked ancoats collyhurst has had plenty of money spent on the housing either that or must live in a different ancoats/collyhurst than hmmm but lets hope the same happens to him then we can all have a good laugh

  59. pip Says:


    well you just gaveme a laugh i thought of moving but the stress that would cause me ha you haven't got a bloomin clue what stress is and if you keep getting fobbed off as you say have the guts to stand your ground your quite happy to cut people up on here but not face to face is that it .......Oh I Trust my spelling came up to your expectations this time but if it didn't TOUGH!!!!

  60. takethepowerback Says:


    Well I'm sure your job is safe anyway mate. Which particular village are you the official idiot for again?? :-)

  61. hmmm Says:

    @Take the power back

    i believe that'd be the "village of the damned" given the current situation, as for the rest of you trying to slate me for my opinion,
    QQ <--- thems tears, want a tissue?



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