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First meeting this morning was with the Greater Manchester Business Leadership Council. The BLC was set up a couple of years ago to give independent advice to AGMA on what we needed to do to promote business growth.

Since then they have produced a number of invaluable reports that have had a material difference on how we implement the Greater Manchester ( economic ) Strategy but now we are moving into a new world of Local Enterprise Partnership(LEP)s and, for Greater Manchester, the Combined Authority, and they understandably wanted to look at how if at all they fitted into the new economic development architecture. A good and frank discussion and a general concensus that for the time being at least the city-region will benefit from independent advice from senior business people and if anything they could afford to be even more challenging.

Later in the day I meet with the Director of Economic Development from BIS ( Department of Business, Innovation and Skills ) to discuss the transition in the North West from the Regional Development Agency to LEPS. Our concern is that in the key areas of inward investment, business support and skills we will be subject to centrally led government contracts, in some cases one contract for the whole country, contracts over which we have no influence at a local level, and that either duplicate or conflict with what we are already doing locally. Another frank discussion ensues also taking in RDA assets and liabilities in the region, research and intelligence capacity, and the future management of European structural funds. There aren't any immediate answers to the region's concerns but we do agree a number of ways that we can take the discussion forward.

Later still, I'm meeting with the President of Manchester University and a diverse group of people involved in the intellectual, cultural and economic life of the city to discuss the role the University plays and should play on the city stage. Clearly the University is an important national and international player of a significance we want to see continue to grow, but we also want to see that reflected in benefit for its home city and its residents, and for the University to be an integral part of Manchester socially and economically.

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  1. Marley Says:

    I suppose it made a change from the business you have been doing on the workforce.

  2. Manchester Graduate Says:

    I'm a University graduate who has chosen to stay in Manchester. Only problem is there are not any jobs for me, and others. Doh! Maybe if there were, more Manchester Universty graduates would stay to 'benfit the city', rather than going on benefits.

  3. Curious Orange Says:

    Hi Sir Richard,

    A few post ago you said something along the lines of "there are no diversity officers" excuse my memory if that isn't the exact phrase. Could you tell me what the Organisational Improvement and Service Inclusion Team do?


  4. Manchester Graduate Says:

    Maybe it would help if Manchester's largest employer had a graduate recruitment scheme? What? It used to? DOH!

  5. Andy K Says:

    Ahem... Curious Orange ... OISIT is a division which improves how the council runs from the inside, and ensures that where possible anyone affected by a change is involved/consulted I believe. It is not about diversity in anyway it is about inclusion in the process ... that thing libs and tories go on about ... talking to people ... apparently labour never did it but wait OISIT does! mmmm I sniff another liberal not knowing the facts

  6. George Says:

    Now that is more like it Sir R. You tried to change the subject with
    your previous 6 blogs but those irksome, soon to be jobless people just would not let it be. This heading (Doing the Business) says, "I have had enough of the blog being taken up by people at the sharp end of our cuts, I am moving on. If I completely ignore them they will go away and I can get on with my (self) important blog that gives people a real insight into my important work (the insight you have given us by the way, is of a man who attends an awful lot of meetings with very little outcome). I am SIR RICHARD and I am answerable to no one"

    Forget PEOPLE PRIDE PLACE, let's have 'Manchester, Doing the Business'.

  7. Somebody Says:

    AGMA! Abolish it!

  8. Curious Orange Says:

    Andy K - How narrow minded of you. I wasn't suggesting that there was anything wring with having diversity officers. For me the word inclusion means ensuring that there is diversity in our workforce and that we try to include the whole range of Manchester resident's in our work. You assume I was making some kind of political point. My point is that Sir Richard should not shy away from acknowledging the roles that patently do exist. Perhaps you should engage your brain before trying to clobber people with your presumptions of their intent.

  9. Oisit necessary? Says:

    @ Andy K
    You have said that Organisational Improvement & Service Inclusion Team are to ensure, where possible, that anyone affected by change is consulted. Isn't this the responsiblity of the managers whose job it is to make the changes? You make it sound like this team doesn't have any value and may even make things worse by fudging whether OISIT or the managers are accountable.

  10. Skint Eastwood Says:

    As much as I like the idea of sitting around having a chat and drinking assorted hot beverages I do not really see this as work. However, here they are called "Meetings" after I'm finished working here would it be possible for me to attend these "Meetings" as I'm at a bit of a loose end after my job finishes and could do with a brew and a chat now I'm unemployed.

  11. jake Says:

    Lets be honest those in higher management give a toss about the workers join m people where are all the jobs in m people ?? 2000 ver or vs done what about all the childrens centre staff farmed off to other employers or finished if buyers cant be found for the nurserys are they counted inthe 2000 ?????????? does any one even care do they hell these people are now just numbers on the dole statistics sir richard what happened to no compulsory redundancys?? tell me where will these staff go if you already have the 2000 you needed will they still work for the council?or be finished to join the dole queue .Tell me why have they paid union fees !!



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