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To and Fro

For many years councillors in Manchester have been involved in parallel sets of meetings at ward level, one set dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour, the other with service co-ordination. Now, and not before time, these two things are being brought together in a single meeting.

So yesterday I and my fellow ward councillors met our ward co-ordinator to discuss what we needed to do to introduce the new arrangements, who should be invited, how we should get residents and other community input, and what the agenda should be for our first meeting under the new arrangements in July.

Immediately after that I meet with the Director of Public Health, the Director of Adult Services, and the Executive Member for Adult Services to discuss the establishment of our Health and Well-being Board. Whatever happens to the currently paused government health " reforms ", in Manchester we do want to strengthen relationships with Health in general and GPs in particular to develop a joint agenda on health improvement, reducing dependency, and increasing economic activity.

In the evening it's off to Liverpool for a small dinner hosted by the Bishop of Liverpool " starring " Trade Minister, Stephen Green. Joe Anderson, the Leader of Liverpool, is there along with a number of prominent private sector figures from across the region. It's a good opportunity to have a full and frank (and private) discussion about what we need in order to accellerate business growth and create jobs in the North West.

This morning is back to bread and butter as I meet planners to talk about a small but hopefully positive development proposal in Crumpsall ward, followed swiftly by an AGMA informal leaders meeting to discuss progress on our round two Regional Growth Fund bid.

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  1. Greeny Says:

    Dear Sir Richard. Nice to see the blog back after a long break.
    I am interested to hear more about plans to work closer with health professionals such as GP's operating at a locality level to improve health, reduce dependency (whatever that means) and increase economic activity. I have worked as an advice worker for several years in north, central and south manchester as part of the PCT advice team within Manchester Advice. I agree that much work can be done to achieve your objectives to improve health and improve economic activity. The governments welfare reform adgenda is currently hacking away at people who need support. I am not a fan of the term reducing dependency as it implies everyone who claims benefits or use services are not genuine.
    I can assure you this is not the case. I agree with you that work of some kind be it paid or voluntary would improve some peoples health. The truth about the scale of Manchester residents living with a disability and / or mental health problems is huge and there needs to be support in place that is accessible to enable your goals to become a reality. The system is set up to fail the most vulnerable. While we are still in operation - I would be happy to have you observe one of my advice sessions to witness the problems that are brought to us and the scale of the gap that will be left when we are no longer at these surgeries.



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