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Stolen Time

Returning to the theme at the beginning of the week, it's not procrastination that's the thief of time, it's some of our major utility companies, and on this occasion I'm not talking about digging up roads here.

I can often get more done, particularly when it comes to the large amount of reading I have to do, working from home, because there are less interruptions. But I wasn't overwhelmingly happy to be forced to set five hours aside for the second time in three weeks to get a particular job done. It's not the five hours I'm complaining about. I understand that it can be difficult to give more precise times because they can never be entirely sure how long a particular job will take. My complaint is that the work wasn't done on the first visit. Although the operative had the necessary part in his van and it would only have taken a few minutes to do, as it wasn't the job written on his job sheet he wasn't allowed to do it, meaning his visit was abortive and I had to go through the whole process of making a new appointment. Actually got a lot done so probably shouldn't be complaining too much, but not everybody has that flexibility, and many people would have to book holidays or lose pay to get this sort of stuff done.

Quite busy in Crumpsall at the moment. Enver Road Residents' had their association's AGM last night. Another example of a small group of people making a real difference to where they live. This afternoon I go to Clifford Hilditch Court, one of our sheltered accommodation blocks for their multi-cultural day, and just for the record multi-culturalism is about bringing different cultures together, not as has been recently suggested, some form of seperate development. Friends of Herristone Park have their fun in the park day on Sunday. These second two events follow a number of others that have taken place in the ward over the last few weeks, most as part of the Good Neighbours Day initiative, and all aimed at bringing communities together.

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  1. Munstead88 Says:

    Sorry not about your last blog. What is the cost of the Manchester Parade Day to us. Businesses may make 4.1 million as per your website but that money will be coming out of pockets of local people. How much council money is being channelled to this. Themes are good but what more important services could have been kept if the parade was smaller or every other year?

  2. Val Stevens Says:

    One further thought in your Proustian week. Not just utilities sometimes the the wonderful council. We were asked to wait 6 hours for a chair from aids and adaptations. We said life is too short and they changed to am hour.

  3. Val Stevens Says:

    Ps it arrived with 2 wingnuts instead of 4 and they arrived 3 days later. Friendly service though. Toujours la meme

  4. @Val Says:

    @ Val
    Cheeky monkeys in 'Aids and Adaptations'! Honestly, flippin Council workers, still sat around doing nowt! Must be a room full of specially adapted furniture for every need just gathering dust in the town hall, all wing nuts in place too, just begging to be supplied on demand at a minutes notice. I'm surprised you've been so nice about it.

  5. Nearly there Says:

    Ha ha "stolen time..."...sounds like being stuck in a service redesign for two years then being disestablished...

  6. Jim Says:

    Val says Ps it arrived with 2 wingnuts instead of 4 and they arrived 3 days later

    You do know that if you were in Trafford(or any Lib/Con Council) you would'nt get this equipment free of charge, before you mention Council Tax that only forms 7% of the Council Budget.

  7. Val Stevens Says:

    @ Jim I well aware of the value of a Labour Council which is why I moved from Trafford in 1970. There is always room for improvement in any service as Richard would be the first to admit. We also serve who only stand and wait:)

  8. Carl Says:

    You were asked to wait in for 6 hours for a free chair?
    I was asked to wait in for 10 hours by Next for a £400 cabinet.
    I think I know who get the better deal.
    Next weren't friendly either.
    Come on Aids & Adaptations, surely you have can buck the trend and deliver within 30 minute timescales, at no additional cost to the tax payer.
    Pwerhaps have vans sat around waiting for people to phone?

  9. Wiseacre Says:

    @V Stevens; Bad luck on the move from Trafford to Manchester in 1970 to be in a Labour controlled council. Manchester went Tory the next year!



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