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Green Bubbles

Fascinating meeting of the Environmental Advisory Panel yesterday evening which included a few guests from elsewhere in Greater Manchester as we were discussing the city-region's climate change action plan. There was a challenging section on metrics.

Pretty much every climate change action plan including Manchester's is based on reducing our direct emissions, challenging enough in itself. However, if you look at indirect emissions as well, the total emissions based on our carbon footprint, then the task becomes even more daunting. But fact is for the last couple of decades our direct emissions have been coming down largely because we have been exporting them, principally to the developing world. Not the path to a sustainable future.

The session on metrics began with a game. You have had a lucky windfall - a £1,000 to spend , and a choice of nine things to spend the whole thousand pounds on. Which has the lowest emissions? Not surprisingly, spending it on home energy efficiency measures scored best, and a European city-break ( travelling by air ) scored worst. In between, champagne socialists will be delighted to know, spending a grand on a champagne party for your family had far less emissions than buying a thousand pound bike, lap-top, or blowing it all on low cost clothes for the family. On this basis the Conservative Party might also like to re-consider their ban on champagne when their conference comes back to Manchester in the autumn.

Later this morning I'm touring three of our recent building projects, two educational ( Loreto and Lancasterian ) and one housing ( Bowes Street ). Bowes Street in particular is a good example of how we are keeping regeneration activity going in the city even in the current financial climate, and doing so through innovative and high-quality design. Later still I go to another of our recent building projects, the Enterprise Academy in Wythenshawe, but this time not to look at the building, but to talk about the proposed Airport City Enterprise Zone - an opportunity not only to bring thousands of jobs to Manchester, but also to recycle the business rates generated back into the economy of Greater Manchester as a whole.

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  1. BikersinMcc Says:

    The bubble bursts under heat and carbon generates it.
    Was the emission scoring done over some Champagne...did it consider the useful life of the purchase?

    Perhaps the carbon guzzling life jettisoned to ride a bike more than compensates for the Bike production process.

    Cheers Bikers... don't be put off by this scoring...keep riding without the Champagne. Perhaps the Manchester people will be better served and the environment will be better saved if the Leaders show their Green credentials as Green Champions and make the Conservatives ride Bikes round the City during their stay...instead of painting the place red with emissions while here and leaving the residents to deal with the effects.

  2. Jim Says:

    BikersinMcc - eh?

  3. EUgreen Says:

    Good one BikersinMcc but if you make the Conservatives ride Bikes during their stay to reduce emissions in the City, and refuse them Champagne, they will not return to Manchester for their next conference.

    Unfortunately, we need their patronage to counter the effect of their policies on the City...lols

  4. i love jack russels Says:

    Cameron does ride a bike. Only problem is, he has a civil service car following behind him to carry his papers and rescue him if there's a puncture. Bless his little tory socks. I would like to seem them getting around by bike at their conference in Mcr - makes them an easier target for any incoming eggs.

  5. ManicBeancounter Says:

    When you look at the cost-benefits of climate change - even by the biased Stern Review - most expenditures to combat climate change are not worthwhile.
    The comment about champagne and the Tories would only make sense if they had taken to consuming bicycles, laptops or home insulation instead.



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