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An Exotic Voyage

Work-related journeys are getting ever more exotic. This morning I get the tram into Victoria and then the train out to Swinton for a meeting of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (ever after GMCA) and the AGMA Executive.

Technically it's four meetings, as both organisations have their AGMs today, but as its the same people in the same room, an uninformed spectator would have to be very alert to notice the change from one to another. As well as the usual AGM stuff, there are some real bits of business to discuss, not least a Greater Manchester bid to the next round of the Regional Growth Fund, one of the few sources of central government funding still available to support economic development activity. It's not a lengthy meeting and I'm soon back on the train to Salford Central. The cement works close to Salford Crescent might not be very attractive but there are stunning views over the Irwell Valley and the city centre to the Pennine hills beyond. There are also some lovely walks in the Irwell Valley and around the Manchester, Bolton and Bury canal. Well worth an exotic day out.

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  1. Joyce Says:

    Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) & Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA). These sound very similar and you state that it is the same people at the meetings. What is the purpose of each of these organisations? is there any duplication or overlap? and if there is, should you not be looking to reduce it? After all, we hear a lot about how you are reducing costs at Manchester by cuting duplication (and thereby services and jobs), should the same not apply to the quangos?

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    In short one ( GMCA ) is a statuary authority, the other a voluntary association. There is no duplication between the two and meeting same time, same place is the most efficient way for the business to be conducted



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