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Nothing but Good News

I've spent most of this year reporting on/ commentating on/ discussing bad news so it's a pleasure to talk today about something that is nothing but good news, the arrival in Manchester of Aegis, a leading global business process outsourcing provider. They're headquartered in Mumbai, but they're not here to take lots of jobs from here to there. They're here to create six hundred brand new jobs, jobs that haven't been moved from anywhere, and to recruit local, Manchester people to do them.

That's the plan for the next 18months/two years but their track record wherever else they have set up has been to grow rapidly. That has to be our hope for here as well and that six hundred will grow into thousands. One of our Manchester family of companies, MIDAS, has been very actively involved with UKTI in securing this inward investment, and they will now play an active role in providing ongoing support.

Today Aegis Global CEO, Aparup Sen Gupta, was in town for the announcement along with a number of other very senior staff from the company, which says something about the significance of this, their first European base. The investment was won in competition with many other cities, and demonstrates once again that Manchester has the ability to compete on the world stage. The major task now is to ensure that Aegis's investment is successful, because that is the route to yet more investment and more jobs.

There are 6 responses to “Nothing but Good News”

  1. Val Stevens Says:

    Not surprised no comments to good news. Some people like to criticise not congratulate. Depression is catching. So well done to the team at Midas and the City.

  2. D Says:

    Excellent news, well done to all involved!!!

  3. Under_Pressure Says:

    I just cannot help saying that if only @Val Stevens would let others just express themselves freely as they would without such avoidable innuendos, this blog will be much more representative of the normal society...and more informative too...however, even Val's comment I must say represents some thinking and sentiments in the society.

    Well cheer up I am sure that the society and this blog is big enough to accommodate everyone...

  4. Jo Says:

    About time it was all good news. Well done and let's hope this is the start of a long and lasting partnership

  5. REDSTEVE57 Says:

    I would like to say well done to the people that helped attract Aegis to Manchester.
    What is a global business outsourcing provider? The very word outsourcing gives me the jitters as it’s a word that has been used to threaten and beat the staff with in my realm of work.
    What type of jobs will they be?
    Where will they be based?
    When will they begin to recruit?
    These are the basic questions that I would like answered.

  6. monday Says:

    Is no one going to make any coments about a 'Midas Touch'!?



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