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Scrutiny week this week and I've been summoned by our Economy, Employment and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee to present a report and answer questions on the progress of Local Enterprise Partnership. Not quite the grilling the Murdoch family got yesterday, but a lot of tough questions concerning composition, accountability, terms of reference, how its objectives are being delivered, and its relationship to other parts of the " Manchester family ".

Roughly twice a year, there is a meeting of all the elected members whose wards are covered by the North Manchester Strategic Regeneration framework (NM SRF). (The city is divided into five SRF areas plus the city centre and similar meetings are held in the four other SRF ares.) We meet this afternoon at the Sharp Project. Not technically in the NM SRF area as it's the wrong side of the tracks, but a place of opportunity for NM residents and a place actively working with NM schools to raise aspirations and demonstrate the career possibilities in the digital and media industries. It's a chance for councillors to see what the Council's investment in Sharp is producing before getting on to the formal business, which today is a look at the new arrangements for neighbourhood delivery teams and neighbourhood regeneration followed by an update on progress on a refresh of the SRF itself.

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  1. i love jack russels Says:

    Cllr Leese is right in highlighting the importance of education in economic regeneration. I was interested to read in the news about the 23 local authorities who are issuing a legal challenge to the government on the grossly unfair funding cut that will see a disproportionate amount of funding being moved from the LEA to academy schools - resulting in some cases in academy places being funded at double that of state schools. Why is Manchester not one of the local authorities participating in this legal challenge to what is an unfair decision by the government, and a decision that is obviously meant to throw all resources at academies in the hope that it makes them 'work', at the expense of other schools ?



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