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Memory Lane

At the University of Warwick today taking part in a conference. As a former student here I always feel a touch of nostalgia when I'm down here, but this is not a trip down memory lane. For many years Manchester belonged to a local government research consortium based here which produced much practice based research to help us get the right answers to the problems we faced as a council.

Sadly, as a result of changing times and changing budgets the consortium is no more but local government still needs evidence to inform it's decision making and evidence about the effectiveness of the decisions it is implementing. That is, there is still a need to access either research that has already been done or to commission new work and that is what the conference is about. It brings together people from academia and from local government to discuss how, in the future, local government can obtain in a timely fashion the evidence it needs for good decision making and assessment of what it is doing.

There will be time for a little bit of nostalgia though and when the conference finishes I will be visiting friends, one who was a student here at the same time, one who I worked with many years ago when I was a teacher in Coventry. Then tomorrow it's London, it's Lord's, it's the test match. My first ever visit to Lord's and I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. Ash Says:

    Its a shame that the new university fees will deter young people from going to university, especially as most of my memories are from that time.

  2. martin Says:

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to Lords. Can you comment on the MEN story that the Council has been buying tickets for the Olympics to give away to competition winners - some of us are sick of seeing our Council Tax wasted in this way. It would have been far better to keep some the employees who had to leave the Council in work. Also, how much did your attendance at the conference cost ? Presumably if you were visiting friends will part of the cost be met by your good self ?

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    Hi Martin, don't know anything about Olympic tickets other than what was in the MEN. The conference cost the Council my transport to Coventry ( but not back as I was then on private leisure time ) and I had a great time at Lord's thank you.

  4. Jim Mogg Says:

    Hi there Sir Richard,

    Think you picked the wrong day to go, today is looking to be an absolute humdinger of a match.

    Could you explain a bit more about the consortium and how it arrives at and the impact of its evidence.

  5. Mr X Says:

    I work in the Town Hall and have a serious Jazz allergy. Can I go off sick? ;-D

  6. Jim Mogg Says:

    Mr X - Baboobabeebah boppity boppity boha na na nee - No, you must endure the jazz, yeahhhhh



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