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Aiming High

Greater Manchester Combined Authority ( CA ) meets today in Rochdale Town Hall, a beautiful building which it's always a pleasure to visit. The morning consists of a succession of meetings starting with a Labour Leaders meeting, where I'm relieved to see that the leaders of Rochdale and Oldham are still on good terms after the breakdown of their proposals to merge management teams. Next we're joined by the leaders of Trafford and Stockport for a private session which is largely about looking at what's coming up in the future.

Having said it was private I'm not going to give too much away but the two items of greatest substance are a presentation on Airport City, and then a discussion with Jim O'Neill, currently and I hope I get this right, Chair of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, who in a personal capacity is chairing an Economic Advisory Panel looking at the implementation of the Greater Manchester ( Economic ) Strategy. Then, an hour and three quarters in, we start the CA proper. For me the most significant item on the agenda is the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy. Manchester has had its own strategy in place since 2009, but this is the first time we will have had a city-region wide strategy. We agree an approach to developing common metrics for measuring greenhouse gas emissions, and a reduction target of 48% ( based on 1990, 35% based on 2005 ) which matches what is considered international best practice. It's an ambitious target but there is unanimous agreement that in this area it's better to aim high with the risk of falling short than take an easy to achieve option. After the CA, we move on to the AGMA Executive and then it's back to Manchester for the monthly look at how the city's economy is getting on.

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