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Only one meeting today but it's an important one. I won't need to remind regular readers of this blog about the horrendous challenges faced by the Council in setting a budget for the current financial year and 2012/13 following the grant settlement set by central government at the beginning of the calendar year.

I've said since then, that however hard the budget setting process, implementation of those budget decisions is even harder. The consequences of not delivering those budget decisions are also extremely severe, as failure to deliver would lead to even more budget cuts to compensate. So not surprisingly the budget remains our biggest priority. Every month there are a series of meetings between Executive Members and senior officers dealing in turn with the budgets of Adult Services, Children's Services, Neighbourhood Services, and the Corporate Core. This last meeting also deals with cross-cutting issues so this morning, as well as taking a view across the whole budget, we are also having a look at the Manchester Improvement Fund. This was something established as part of the 2011/12 budget and aims to improve interventions with our most complex families and those at risk of becoming complex. These are the families that cost the public sector the most financially and have the biggest negative impact on other people's quality of life. If we can intervene sooner and more effectively we improve quality of life for the families themselves, for their neighbours, and in the long term save tax payers money. This is a lot harder tha it sounds as it requires not just the Council but all the agencies working with or supporting a particular family to work together. We are running what we describe as " worked examples " in two areas of the city with the twin objectives of demonstrating what works and also to other public sector agencies including health, schools and Job Centre +, how their work will benefit qualitatively and financially from being involved. It's early days yet, but this approach also demonstrates that notwithstanding the depth and speed of the cuts, the Council is still trying to do things that will improve quality of life in the city and actively promote the three spines of our long-term community strategy.

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  1. franky Says:

    I can see you are doing the best you can in this entirely false situation: Such front loaded cuts do not give investors confidence. What does is the independence of the Bank of England which can buy and sell bonds, something the ECB cannot do, so that Italy which has less debt than us cannot give investors that confidence.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. s.m Says:

    In some parts of longsight the bins have not been collected for over one month now. Its says your the leader! so its about time you started to lead, and make sure our streets are safe and clean.

  3. Grant Says:

    What about taking priorty care of your own employers. You asked for voluntary redundencies and eary retirement but you do not seem to care about displaced staff within departments the council has closed.

  4. MCC Resident Says:

    Richard, I work with MCC, and it breaks my heart to see the amount of money that has been wasted in certain area's that I am invlolved with. In terms of complex families, to provide greater and more proactive services, whilst reducing substantial costs is achieveable, we have seen the study completed in Salford. But at the heart of that is effective use of ICT, which enables the business to transform, delivering far richers services than before. I would welcome the opportunity to show you how we could link into some of the area's mentioned above, and make the service and savings a reality?

  5. RKeegan Says:

    WHY ARE MANCHESTER TEMPS STILL GOING? Do the council need them? No. Richard. I want you to find out why the council are using several outside agencies for the recruiting of staff? After speaking with other staff, I have got a list of 4 agencises excluding Manchester Temps that the council are using to recruit temporary staff. I appreciate that they may specialise in an area. E.g. admin, but if this is true and redeployees can't be aligned into a role wouldn;t it be cost effective that it wasn;t able to be dealt with in-house first then to use a large agency that covers all fields.



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