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Broadcasting to the World

Spend an hour or so this afternoon at Media City with Peter Salmon the head of BBC North. The buildings of course have had some possibly unwelcome attention of late, winning the Carbuncle award but I'm not going to comment on the architecture, as I'm rather more concerned about what's going on inside the buildings with what is a very,very important development for the Manchester city-region.

People have been moving in for a while now, with Childrens BBC going live from the Quays this week ( I believe ), but many more, Radio 5 Live, Breakfast TV, BBC Sport, and Regional TV radio and TV, are still to make the move. Signs inside the main reception show who is moving this week and it won't be long before two thousand plus people are working in the complex. Not all of the output will be obvious as we won't see the immediate impact for example of the BBC's R&D department now based at Media City, though in many ways that's even more important than much of the direct broadcasting elements. It's the first time I've been in Quay House, the biggest of the three blocks occupied exclusively by the Beeb on the site, and inside they are certainly very impressive indeed ( although it might take me awhile to get used to the lifts were you press for the floor you want before you get in - actually before it will even come for you ). Manchester City Council will certainly do all it can to support the BBC in being a success here, but for me a key measure of successwill be people remembering first and foremost the quality of their programmes, not where they've come from.

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  1. John Says:

    I took my children there for a CBBC event called Music Boxes for the Manchester International Festival they all were very welcoming and it was an excellent day out, we even got to meet Mr Maker! Welcome to Manchester BBC!



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