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Music, Money and Masterplanning

An enormous turn out this morning for the unveiling of a statue of Fryderyk Chopin, a monument not only to the great Polish composer, but also to the contributions Poles have made to this city over very many years. The Polish Ambassador did the unveiling and speakers included the Polish Foreign Minister, and the very grand occasion is followed by a lunch and recital of Chopin's music in the Town Hall.

As well as all the dignitaries there are lots of people from our Polish communities and there is a great feel to the event. Unusually nowadays the sculpture was funded through public subscription, the sort of philanthropy our cities used to thrive on making a very welcome return. I'm not attending the lunch because I will be talking to the Northern Economic Futures Commission, a body set up by IPPR (North) and chaired by former Manchester Airport Group Chief Executive Geoff Muirhead, with the task of looking at and making recommendations on what we should be doing to maximise the economic performance of the North of England. I hope this won't be a North-South divide sort of debate or one about support to prop up economic failure, but one about a strong and vibrant Northern economy making its full contribution to the economic health of its own citizens, and to that of the UK as a whole.

I will need to miss the recital as well as at that time I will be looking at the masterplan for the Abraham Moss Complex. A new tram stop opened there just a few weeks ago and the new High School building is nearing completion but much of the rest of the centre is in need of rebuilding having long exceeded its expected life span. It's a masterplanning afternoon as I'll then be having a look at progress on proposals for West Gorton. It's important to remember that even in these straightened times, regeneration activity is still taking place and, admittedly with a lot of difficulty, we are still finding ways to improve the physical fabric of our city.

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  1. Mr F.B.Morris Says:

    Live classical music has been at the heart of Manchester for over 100years this will sharply decline if on street parking is not available until after 8pm.

  2. Camille Says:

    Where is the statue located?

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    @Camille On Deansgate near its junction with Brazennose Street

  4. Nowt New, Then... Says:

    @ Mr. Morris

    It's an interesting point you make. There are clearly different timetables to life and activity in the City Centre. Frankly, street parking in CC has always been horrendous day or night, and car park charges are eye watering at any time. But I agree that these are factors that really do put people off coming into the City to enjoy what it has to offer. Imho, parking issues must be one of the greatest 'blocks' to the CC economy.



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