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Healthier, Wealthier

Meet the new Leader of Newcastle City Council this morning who is in the Town Hall to chair a conference on Tobacco Control. Although we have made a lot of progress over the last few years particularly with the smoking ban in public buildings, smoking related illnesses are still the biggest killer in Manchester. 32% of the population are still smoking, rising to 42% in our poorest neighbourhoods. There is an enormous problem with children in particular being victims of passive smoking and it's a financial issue as well as a health one with families that can't afford it spending up to £70 a week on cigarettes. So tobacco control is both a public health and an anti-poverty priority for the Council and today's conference is an opportunity to share ideas and best practice from around the country.

It's a short jump from health to sport and the reception held in the Town Hall last night for the victorious Lancashire County Cricket Club. The origins of LCCC go back almost two hundred years to the Manchester Cricket Club so both in that respect and as Lancashire's principal city, it was very appropriate for Manchester to show its appreciation of the club winning their first outright County Championship for 77 years (though they did play most of their home games in Liverpool this season).

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  1. Jean Cote Says:

    I agree that secondhand smoke is horrible for children. my parents smoke most of my childhood and likely I didn't start smoking myself. The most my friends who had parents that smoked have all started smoking and not all trying to stop but they can't. It's a vicious cycle that has to be broken by more information on the harmful effects of smoking tobacco.



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