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Which is not some weird exercise in binary code but will be followed up next week with 111111. As I think I've written before, the hardest thing about writing the blog is thinking up the headings, as I am now clearly demonstrating. Talking of weirdness, my appearance on American breakfast radio yesterday live from Salford Quays was decidedly unusual and never thought I would get quite so much attention for using the word " shed ".

The day was boringly normal after that, at least until I got to my advice bureau later on, which, as always, gave me a number of interesting problems to solve. Then it was back to the Town Hall for a celebration of Parkway Green Local Housing Trust's fifth birthday. Local Housing Companies have been a real success in Manchester since the first one came into existence a little over ten years ago. Parkway Green is no exception, forming a real partnership between the Council and tenants that has provided massive investment in better quality housing but also investment into the communities it serves making altogether a better Wythenshawe.

I start today meeting one of this May's newly elected councillors to talk through one or two local issues. Then it's on to something affecting my own ward of Crumpsall - how to get new business activity on the former ICI site just off Waterloo Street. I go straight from that to an interview with a researcher from Localis, a think tank set up to promote the localism agenda. Then lots of paperwork to catch up on but the day will end with fireworks - literally - with a Council run display in Crumpsall Park.

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There are 3 responses to “11111”

  1. Val Stevens Says:

    011111 :-)

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    Which adds nothing

  3. nerb Says:

    Except a sense of humour much needed in the current climate.



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