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Health and Happiness

The second meeting of the shadow Health and Well-being board this morning. It brings together the Council, GPs, Health Trusts and NHS Manchester with the task of working together to improve the health and well-being of Manchester residents. The first task is to decide a collective view of what we mean by health and well-being - a harder task than it might seem, especially as we move away from clinical definitions of good and bad health. Once we've agreed our definitions and what we aspire to for the health of our city, we then need a baseline measurement of how Manchester people fair against that aspiration, and then a strategy for how we bridge the inevitable gap between aspiration and current reality. It's a good discussion tempered by a colleague pointing out the obvious, that we're all going to die and it won't necessarily be a health episode.

This afternoon I walk up to the northern end of the city centre to the new Co-op headquarters building taking rapid and magnificent shape at Angel Meadow. It's the topping out ceremony so I get to climb to the top floor and see some of the emerging shape of the building from the inside, including an atrium space big enough to play football in. The Co-operative Group employ thousands in the city and many more thousands around the country so we need them to be successful. The new HQ shows a Co-op very much looking to the future and very much looking to grow. The development extends what is a very compact city centre northwards giving some space for the city to grow, and gives in the longer term an opportunity to bring back into full use many of the unused or under used buildings in the Co-op estate around Balloon Street .

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  1. Mary Murphy Says:

    What will the relationship be between the Shadow Board and our Scrutiny Committees.



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