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Fast Work

Probably the shortest 'ordinary' meeting ever of the Council's Executive Committee this morning. Last time's bumper agenda was followed by an exceedingly thin one, though it still contained some significant items like £10m added to the capital programme to make some inroads in to the demand for additional primary school places.

It wasn't that long ago that all we ever did was to close or merge primary schools because of falling roles. Now, after forty years plus of population decline, we've had a decade of population growth. That's good news for the long-term future of the city and the many neighbourhoods that just a few years ago were low to no demand, but does bring some problems including the need for more school places.

Also on the agenda was a report about supermarkets to serve the city centre and adjacent areas. The still growing city centre and city centre fringe population means, according to an independent study, we can accommodate two more large supermarkets on the fringe of the city centre. The report now goes out for consultation but the preferred locations, on the basis of a range of factors including regeneration contribution, are at 1st Street and at Central Retail Park on Great Ancoats Street.

There are 5 responses to “Fast Work”

  1. Tracey Annette Says:

    Lets ensure these new supermarkets are age friendly, meeting the needs of not only our expanding young population but our rapidly growing older population.

  2. Ian Says:

    Building another supermarket at first street is'nt it too close to the ASDA in Hulme.

  3. anon Says:

    it wouldnt be a bad thing to see ASDA in Hulme replaced. Its an ugly building and with the impact of all that surface car parking, metal fencing, scruffy open space and busy main roads it makes for a pretty depressing environment.

  4. Hummingbird Says:

    How can a supermarket be ageist? Increased employment for the area can only be a good thing and in my experience they generally employ people from a wide variety of ages, of all culinary tastes!

  5. Tracey Annette Says:

    Hummingbird, I was thinking about shopping carts fitted with magnifying glasses or seats so people can take a break while shopping. Wider aisles so people can easily pass those who need more time to shop, fewer "offer baskets" which are obstacles for people not steady on their feet. Anti slip floor surfaces (great for mum's and todlers too). Help buttons at the end of aisles so people can summon assistance if they need it. And free water and suitable seating at entrance and exit points. See what's on offer in Berlin.



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