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Another Hidden Gem

Full Council today. The refurbishment of the Town Hall extension means the Council Chamber is out of use until 2013. In the interim Council meetings are being held in the Great Hall. It's a beautiful room but even with a temporary PA System installed the acoustics are such that it's very difficult to hear what is being said in many parts of the Hall. They're not the most riveting meetings you could ever go to but even so lack of audibility isn't really ideal for open democracy.

A venue I suspect would have rather better acoustics is the old Hulme Hippodrome. Back in the days of Hulme City Challenge, David Plowright of ( amongst other things ) ITV fame led an attempt to restore and find a viable future for this beautiful theatre, but alas with no success. I visited the theatre earlier in the week and it is in a sorry state. However, there is now a community group based in the dry half of the building looking to try and carry out a restoration. Let's hope they are successful as it would be a shame to lose this largely forgotten gem.

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  1. Kath Robinson Says:

    A hidden gem indeed Richard. I have happy chilhood memories of visiting the Hip with my Dad. I also remember the efforts of David Plowright and others during City of Drama to secure funding. I wish the community group every success.

  2. Cllr M Eakins Says:

    Sir Richard,

    Totally agree about the acoustics of the great hall. It's often difficult for us Councillors to hear what's going on, let alone anyone in the public seating.

    Could I urge you to look into using alternative facilities until the chamber is ready again?

    Kind regards,


  3. Guest Says:

    In the spirit of public sector collaboration, why not utilise the Council Chambers from our neighbouring authoritites - Trafford, Salford etc.?



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