Manchester City Council

Day 2 of the Labour Party Conference

By lunchtime in Bournemouth, I've managed to catch up with three Government ministers to continue conversations about the most important projects we want to develop.

There's the opportunity too to catch up with colleagues from other cities; we do a lot of joint working because cities are the drivers of our regional economies. Without busy cities, the surrounding regions won't be able to prosper and flourish.

To be economically successful, Greater Manchester needs all its councils working together and we are praised for setting a great example to the rest of the country. Internationally, we market the 10 local authorities under the banner of "Manchester" and we are recognised as being way ahead of the game in working together.

By the end of a very long day, I've shared a platform with Hazel Blears, seen another two Ministers, enjoyed more conversations, attended a range of fringe meetings and arranged future appointments with a variety of influential people.

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