Science in the City

Meet Ian Blatchford, the Director of the National Science Museum this morning. Next year, Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry ( MoSI ) will become part of the national museum, a move that is very much welcomed by the City Council. Science, including such notable figures as Joule and Dalton, has been integral to the development of Manchester as a great city. MoSI has a great story to tell and in telling it can not only boost visitor numbers to the city but inspire a new generation of Mancunians to become scientific pioneers.

The city is still a home to great science, our joint Nobel Prize winners, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, the discoverers of Graphene, being along with Brian Cox, the best known practioners. We certainly intend to give the National Science Museum every support we can to bring MoSI up to date, to make it a key part of Manchester's Cultural Ambition, to tell the Manchester story, and inspire Manchester's future.

There is a direct linkage between this, and yesterday's meeting of the Local Enterprise Partnership. There, we had a presentation from a group representing the NHS, local authorities, and the universities about the potential contribution life-sciences and medical research could make not only to a healthier city, but also to a far more economically successful one. The combination of Univerities and teaching Hospitals, in the Corridor's case, in close proximity, gives a very strong base to be a centre of excellence for practical research long in to the future, and we will be seeking to develop an action plan to do just that over the next few months. Later yesterday, I met with Lord Stephen Green, the current Trade Minister. there is a shared agenda between governmeent and the Manchester City-Region around international trade and foreign investment. Our own Manchester Independent Economic Review suggested that companies that trade internationally tend to be more productive and grow faster than those that don't, and that not enough Manchester companies are trading internationally. Our key message to the Minister is that if we want to meet a shared objective of getting 25% more companies trading internationally over the next few years, we need to get added value from national agencies and contractors working in partnership through agreed protocols with local agencies like MIDAS and the recently launched Growth Hub.

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  1. Interested Manc Says:

    I'm someone who is already very proud of MoSI. I take all my visitors from the South there to see it partly because it encapsultates so much of Manchester's past, but also because I don't tire of visiting it myself. I'd be interested in hearing about what added value the national engagement will offer. I'm genuinely interested because for me, MoSI, along with the City Art Gallery already tell so much of our scientific and cultural story. We are a unique city and the more that's done to showcase that the better. The downside is that we don't want or need something that generally dumbs down or dilutes what we already have to be proud of.

  2. Steve Broadhead Says:

    Please discard the previous comment because the Great Northern Warehouse limit the number of tours that we can offer. Below is an amended comment.

    Next to the MoSI is the Granada Studios site and under the Granada Studios site is the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal. Several members of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) Manchester branch have worked on a submission for a £100,000 AGMA grant (deadline is today). The grant is for the Feasibility study for the restoration of the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal. Restoration of the above canal should provide a unique and significant tourist attraction. Members of the IWA Manchester Branch believe that it could be a profitable venture and employ Manchester Residents. Through the IWA I lead free tours of the above canal. If you would like a free tour of the above canal starting at the Great Northern Warehouse on an agreed week day, normal starting time is 7.15pm, please e-mail The Great Northern Warehouse limit the number of tours which we can provide but your request will be logged and depending on numbers a tour may be offered to you.
    Please identify me as the person who wrote the above article because the IWA hold open meetings and we are always looking for new members.
    Many tanks
    Stephen Broadhead
    IWA Manchester Branch Walks and Tours Officer

  3. Interested Manc Says:


    It's really good when questions to this blog get positive and informative responses. The plans sound great- one of the best things about MoSI (visitors to the blog planning a trip, take note) is that it is highly interactive and speaks directly of Manchester's history. Kids love it, but so do adults. The possible opening of the canal networks sounds like a real addition.

    Steve, I'll email you outside of the blog. Thanks for the information and the opportunity.