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Mad Friday

Executive Members' Office Christmas lunch today but the Taxpayers Alliance needn't start swamping us with very expensive Freedom of Information requests - none of it was paid for out of Council Tax! Wasn't very mad either. Just a pleasant lunch in a city centre restaurant accompanied by a mixture of sensible to outright daft presents from secret Santa. So no Mad Friday there, so was it at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority meeting this morning.

Well no, but we did make a little bit of history, in that it will be GMCA that will sign the host city agreement as Manchester for the Rugby League World Cup - the first time that the whole of the Manchester city-region has signed such an agreement, and only possible because the Combined Authority is now in place. There were a number of other significant items including the rail strategy for Greater Manchester and, something that will be dear to the heart of man in white van, the road permit strategy. This latter item is about the ability to control " statutory undertakers " , the dozens of bodies that have a legal right to dig up our roads and pavements. If we can get a permit scheme in place it will give us the power to ensure that they do it in a co-ordinated, rather than a one after the other, way, and at times that minimise inconvenience. Now catching up on a bit of paperwork but intend to be on a tram back to Crumpsall long before mad Friday really gets going.

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  1. S Corry Says:

    The road permit strategy will be a welcome addition and will be long overdue - if it is passed. The one after the other element of road works is especially evident on Oldham Rd, Newton Heath at the moment, I am sure it is the same for other parts of the city.



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