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Last day of the Conference

At the risk of sounding like Bridget Jones, I leave the Labour party conference with a personal tally. Government ministers - eight; Speeches delivered - three; Pints of beer - several; Cups of tea - hundreds.

This has been a good three days for Manchester business and I'm returning home with a list of things to do that will keep the Town Hall busy for months to come.

Back in Manchester I find that Sean Corker of Manchester Against Road Tax yet again gets his basic facts wrong and is quoted in the Manchester Evening News saying I am a non-driver

For all those who have seen me at the wheel, and indeed those who have been driven by me, can I reassure them that I am a qualified driver, insured  taxed & MoT'd! I have spent many happy car journeys with my friends and family around Greater Manchester, the UK and indeed Europe, and some not so happy journeys sat in traffic jams.

I also cycle, and that is my preferred transport to and from the Town Hall. I'm also a regular user of public transport. But I am not anti-car and it is wrong to say Manchester is led by a person who doesn't drive.

I do believe that Manchester needs the £3 billion of transport improvements that we can achieve through the Transport Innovation Fund and its associated congestion charge.

MART has failed to make a valid case against this, and they now have to resort to misinformation. So a letter goes to the Manchester Evening News for them to publish to correct this inaccuracy.

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