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Compare and Contrast

Started yesterday over at Daresbury, representing the Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership on the board of the the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus's Enterprise Zone ( EZ ). Manchester's interest in Daresbury is " Big Science ". At its simplest this is the science that requires kit that is so expensive that scientists come to it rather than buying their own, and Daresbury is one of two national " big science " centres, the other being at Harwell. The EZ itself is a science and technology business park, but the usp of the site are the Science and Technology Facilities Council's labs and research staff based on the site.

For me, the most interesting part of the board meeting was a presentation on just what is going on there in science terms particularly around and light source technology and computer engineering. Couldn't begin to explain it all, but Daresbury is a big to challenge a long history of most government science investment being in the so-called golden triangle i.e down south.

From Daresbury, it was back to Crumpsall to meet representatives of one of the Housing Associations that provide acccommodation in the area, to be briefed about some changes in service provision that they are considering making. Then over to Harpurhey to the project that started life as the youth zone but opened three weeks ago as the Factory. I was there for a reasonably regular meeting of North Manchester Councillors to discuss progress on the North Manchester Strategic Regeneration Framework, the major projects and issues that have a more than local/ward significance, and to discuss the consultation currently underway on refreshing the framework. We also had an update on the roll out of Neighbourhood Delivery Teams, and a presentation on the plan to extend pioneering work with " complex " families to North Manchester from the beginning of April. When we arrived at the Factory it was closed to young people and very quiet. When we left two hours later it was full of life ( and noise ). Friday morning now and will shortly be on my way to St.Helens for a meeting of the Regional Leaders Board before going back to the Town Hall for an update on progress in Collyhurst following the government's cancellation of the PFI regeneration scheme there.

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  1. MCC worker Says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Glad to see the fightback from Councillors and Manchester people to the ridiculous claims this week in regards to Manchester's crime rate. Manchester is a great place to live and the Council is working hard to keep it this way, reflecting the communities' pride in their city.

  2. Ray Taylor Says:

    Did Mr Leese travel by public transport to get to all of his meetings described in his blog?

  3. sensible commentator Says:

    I hope he didn't use public transport, as otherwise he would be taking too much time travelling and not enough time doing his job. These kind of comments above are ridiculous. It just is not sensible for people to spend all their working day travelling, if you have a high level job to do you need to be doing it. I am pretty certain he will not have used limo.

  4. Ray Taylor Says:

    sensible commentator, the reason I ask is that many people in Manchester also need to get around and can't spend all day on public transport but we are being told that we should use public transport and not our cars. So my question is valid.



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