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Quick, Quick, Slow

The last ordinary meeting of the Council's Executive this morning before we enter the formal election period on the 27th of this month. It's a very full agenda, available as always on the Councils website, and I only propose to mention a couple of items here. The first is a report on how we could extend 20mph zones to all the residential streets of the city. It is do-able but is it right? It's certainly right from a road safety point of view, and that's the safety of every road user I'm talking about, as there is an unquestionable body of evidence that speed kills.

It's also probably right from a traffic circulation point of view as well, as there is evidence that traffic moving smoothly at lower speeds, rather than speeding from junction to junction, actually gets around the city faster. However, if there was to be a choice between faster journey times and safety, then safety should win every time.

Moving rapidly on, to somewhere that speed really matters - the digital world. Today's agenda contains an ambitious proposal for Digital Manchester. A city that is well-connected with very high speed broadband and free w-fi in public places. A city with high i.t. skills, and not just i.t. literacy, the ability to use i.t., but also the skills to create new applications. A city of open-data where citizens can develop the apps to make that data not only available but useable which would also make us a more openly democratic city, Lastly a city of digital enterprise - using the digital world to create jobs and value. All very exciting, but later in the day I'll be very much in the physical world, doing a walk-about with members of one of the local residents groups in Crumpsall.

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  1. franky Says:

    20mph limit in all residential streets would help the residents and their kids. Lets get it done!

  2. natasha Says:

    Any news on the horrendous parking situation around your area, namely Parkhill Avenue and Delauneys Road yet?



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