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Not quite first thing on Monday though definitely still in the morning, my first meeting as a member of the MoSI Advisory Board, at what was the first meeting of the Advisory Board. The museum is now part of what was until recently the National Science Museum but is now the Science Museum Group, which also includes inter alia the Science Museum in London and York Railway Museum. Incorporation into the group has brought a new Director to the museum and the first meeting was very much focussed on forward strategy as a precursor to a master planning exercise which is now underway. The next couple of years looks like being a very exciting period for the museum which I'll try and report on around the quarterly meetings of the Advisory Board.

From there it was a brisk walk to Piccadilly Station, a train to London, and then a meeting in the House of Commons with Cities Minister Greg Clarke to talk about Manchester's Deal for Cities. This was announced yesterday, but it's really worth a post on its own so I will say more about it tomorrow. Yesterday was much more domestically orientated and included a visit to West Gorton for the launch of the first Council Housing completed in the city since 1985, and evening meetings, first with one of Crumpsall's residents' associations, followed by a Crumpsall Carnival meeting.

Today started with a meeting of the Health and Well-being Board, now moving rapidly from development to action. The main part of today's meeting was presentations of the commissioning plans for the city's three Clinical Commissioning Groups, Public Health, and the Council's Childrens Services and Adult Services divisions. Some major issues for further work already emerging including safeguarding, tackling worklessness, complex families, and moving treatment from acute settings to the community and home.

I'm not going to comment today's budget much here as it is almost impossible to do so without being party political Except I will allow myself a word about the Northern ( Manchester ) Hub. Today's announcement of additional funding is good news but only if, when announcements are made later in the year about railway investment for the next five year control period, the other half of the money needed is also agreed.

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