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See You Later ( I hope )

My shortest post ever - forgot to say that I won't be blogging for a bit as it is now officially the election period. Back in May

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  1. Larry Murphy Says:

    Don't worry Richard, you will be back!

  2. nodrog56 Says:

    Unless of course we have a " Manchester Spring,"

  3. ABU Says:

    Hmmm…. A ‘Manchester Spring’? Pretty ill thought out comparison in my opinion. I find it pretty low that the ousting of anyone through a normal Democratic process can be called a ‘Spring’ (as our Friend gorgeous George did in Bradford) when the ‘Arab Spring’ was a full scale uprising after years of oppression and effective dictatorship that resulted in thousands dying in the name of freedom.

    Voting someone out is entirely and completely normal and could be described simply as ‘Democracy’.

  4. Dave Bishop Says:

    Yes, talk of a 'Manchester Spring' is a bit extreme. But what does it mean for democracy, ABU when all the parties on offer are much the same (i.e. slavish supporters of neo-liberal, free market economics) and decreasing numbers of people bother to vote -especially in local elections?

  5. ABU Says:

    Not sure I have answer to that Dave !! But I tell you one thing if the 50% + who don’t bother to vote (locally and nationally) because they think it won’t make a difference actually bothered to vote then we would have a political revolution on our hands.

    Might be far fetched to have a 99% turnout but Democracy often doesn’t work because the voters don’t bother to use it.

  6. BOO Says:

    Let us make voting compulsory in this country, just as it is in Greece. We are too nonchalant in this country.

  7. Just read the Guardian Says:

    Full list of countries with compulsory voting

    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic
    France (senate only)

    Switzerland (Schaffhausen)

  8. Bob Says:

    I don't think with a higher turnout we'd have a political revolution on our hands, we'd just have more people voting for the same main parties!
    To use Greece as an example of what to do also needs a bit more thinking about before posting - Australia is another example of mandatory voting, and there's no 'political revolution' there either. Greece in fact sees much more extra-parliamentary political activity than the UK - but that's not to do with having to vote!

  9. nodrog56 Says:

    Maybe it should be made compulsory to vote and get people to pay a fiver for the privilege. At least that way the system will do a bit of that growthing the economy that we hear so much about.

  10. Susan Edgar Says:

    Lower Crumpsall Tenants and Residents Group send you good luck wishes for your return

  11. Anthony Bailey Says:

    Hope we don't

  12. P Almond Says:

    Sir Richard....In a news report on BBC teletex you are quoted .... that because an elected mayor was rejected for Manchester ........ "and was a clear rejection by the people of Greater Manchester". You seem to be unable to differentiate between Manchester & Gtr Manchester, as only Mancunians voted,. But one part of Gtr Manchester have voted for an elected mayor and that is Salford.

  13. Annie Says:

    Congratulations Richard! Fantastic result and well-earned

  14. i love jack russels Says:

    A good result on Thursday, so congratulations to Cllr Lees. Glad also to see that Manchester said no to having the idea of an elected mayor forced on them by central govt. A mayor for Greater Manchester, with the same rights and extra resources that the London mayor gets might be a different matter, but not a Manchester one with no clear or defined role and no additional resources. Looks like Cameron's 'special cabinet of elected mayors' might have a few spare chairs going.

  15. Dave Bishop Says:

    I'm not convinced that the result on Thursday was a particularly good one. Living in a 'one party state' makes me uneasy. Surely, true democracy depends on having an effective opposition (?)
    And let's face it the outcome arose out of national issues - not local ones.
    The fact that a large percentage of the electorate don't vote and those that do are voting for negative reasons (i.e. to 'punish' one party or another) makes me wonder if democracy, in this country, has lost its way.

  16. P. Almond Says:

    One thing we do not need and that is an elected mayor for Gtr Man.,the independent boroughs of north Cheshire & south Lancashire that make up Gtr Man are capable of running their own affairs.



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