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Doesn't take long

Annual Meeting of the Council today. After the excitement of the elections - us politicians get excited anyway- and the more widely shared euphoria of the last few days, it's very much back to normal. A new Lord Mayor, a couple of new Executive Members and the whole annual cycle of meetings begins again. An hour and a half before Council I had Executive Committee agenda setting meeting to agree the reports we will consider in two weeks time. Doesn't look a very heavy agenda but still time for that to change between now and the reports being sent out next Tuesday. Two different but related meetings/events today.

This afternoon I spend half an hour with Liam Maxwell who is the civil servant leading on the government's digital and ICT strategy. We launched our own Digital Manchester strategy a couple of months ago and the conversation with Liam gave some comfort that this is an area where we might get some active support from government. This evening I help launch the FutureEverything festival/conference/art exhibition. The Guardian has described this as one of the world's top ten ideas events. Merging art, music, science and technology, FutureEverything is just the sort of event where, in a knowledge and skills led economy, the next big ideas are going to come from and it's here ( and always has been ) in Manchester.

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