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Slave to the Rhythm

Was away on holiday last week hence no blog and it's always very difficult to get back into the rhythm. The problem has been compounded this week by being full of a cold ( that's not a plea for sympathy ). Normally I get ill the moment I take a break, but this time I came back rested and brimming with health, a state that lasted precisely two days. Virus notwithstanding, it has been quite an interesting week.

I'm only going to mention a couple of things. The first is from Wednesday, when an organisation called the Tutor Trust held a thank you reception in the Town Hall. The Trust is new and exists " to make high quality, flexible tuition services more accessible and affordable, in order to help every child achieve their potential ". They recruit tutors primarily from the University of Manchester and through a partnership with Teach First to provide one-to-one tuition, and the ninety tutors recruited so far have been working in eleven Manchester secondary schools and the Manchester College. It's early days as they have only been operating this year, but is something with enormous potential both for the young people in our schools, and the tutors themselves.

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  1. John Browne Says:

    Sorry to Hijack your blog which is good BTW Can you sort out the mess that the local Cllrs and MCC staff are getting themselves into burying their collective heads under the sand by failing to acknowledge the damage to Platt fields following the parklife festival . They have failed to reply to local people about what went wrong and when the damage will be repaired very poor show MCC should do better



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