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The ( shadow ) Health and Well-Being Board met this morning. It had a number of significant items on the agenda ( reports can be accessed on the Council's website ) but probably the most significant was a very long and detailed report on integration of Health and Social Care backed by a joint presentation from a Council officer, a GP, and a health administrator on work going on in central Manchester to reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital through better and more joined up community health services. Similar work is going on in North and South Manchester.

These schemes are delivering better outcomes for patients and potential patients and do give some hope that if they can be sufficiently scaled up, and there are real question marks about that, we can find ways through the horrendous financial position we are in and minimise damage to our residents and our communities.

After the board meeting I went to the 12th annual Manchester Educational Awards. These awards started life as the enormous pile of Christmas Cards I used to send out every year. Almost thirteen years ago I decided to scrap the cards and instead institute an awards scheme for pupils in Manchester schools. Forty five pupils from twenty five secondary schools received awards today. Before every certificate presentation we heard a citation saying exactly what each young person had done to earn the award and there were some fantastic stories. The ceremony was in the Great Hall at the Town Hall, the first time more than half the participants had ever been in the Town Hall, and as well as the young people there were a lot of justifiably proud parents. Lots there to celebrate and a lot more cause for hope for the future.

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  1. unrelatedtopic Says:

    unrelated topic, but can I ask if any serious consideration has been put in with regards to a consultation on Council Tax; I for one (but I think I am one of many) would pay more Council Tax if that money went on bringing back an additional roadsweep as I am afraid that the city is looking dirty and all this rubbish about is bad in so many respect. I think with this as with other areas of Council spend, members of the public I think would possibly pay more. PS - thanks for your blog as I think it is excellent



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