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Saving the hardest 'til last so today it's people. My battered pocket card has three " people " values on it. Valuing our employees is one. The Council can make whatever decisions it likes, but they mean nothing unless the people who work for us make them happen.

We try to recruit and promote people who share the Council's values because they are the people who are most likely to deliver for the city. In these difficult financial times we have tried to give some job security for Council employees and have developed M people has a positive way of staff moving around the Council as needs change. We are also committed to the Skills Pledge and in particular to assist every Council employee getting to at least NVQ Level 2. All entry level jobs are aimed at young or unemployed Manchester people and all of them are now high quality apprenticeships.All examples of the importance we give to the people who work for the city.

The next two are that we are people focussed with people at the centre of everything we do and we want to ( raise and ) meet the aspirations of all Manchester citizens by empowering communities. Perhaps one of the most successful examples of this over more than a decade is Cash grants. Grants available with minimum bureaucracy to community groups all over the city to make their neighbourhoods safer, to improve their local environment, and to improve the capacity of their neighbourhood to build strong and healthy communities. We carry out regular surveys of Manchester residents to check what is important to them and how important it is and this feeds into how we design our services. The temporary office at 1st Street has given us an opportunity to trial new, simpler and friendlier ways of residents accessing service support and this has been used for the detailed design of the refurbishment of the Town Hall Extension. At the end of the day cities aren't about buildings and streets. They are people- residents, workers, council employees, visitors - so people have to be at the core of our values.

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