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A fair few openings and launches this week. It's generally the Lord Mayor that represents us at the more formal events but I am very happy to be taking part in three such events this week. Yesterday the City launched its age-friendly programme. Manchester is a world leader as a result of the work done on valuing older people which is transforming the way older people are regarded. There has been a tendency to see aging as something that creates problems with the notion of people becoming a burden on society. Clearly there are going to be times when anybody of any age is going to need support. Certainly as we age, and I am an older person, those times are likely to be more frequent. But older people also have a tremendous amount to contribute and can still continue to grow and develop as a person. That's what valuing older people does. It sees older people for what they bring positively to the life of the city.

Later in the evening I go to the Museum of Science and Industry for the launch of the Manchester Science Festival. It's a fantastically appropriate venue because seeing what science, technology, engineering have contributed in the past helps us understand the role they will play in building a better future. The Festival is for all ages, but has a particular role in enthusing young people to take up the sciences, which fortunately more and more of them are doing.

Later today and I'm in another of our top-class museums, the Manchester Museum for the opening of their new Ancient Worlds galleries. It's my second visit of the day to the University, a sign of the close working relationships between the Council, Higher Education and other partners, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've done with what is a major visitor attraction and a key education resource.

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  1. franky Says:

    You are so right about us pensioners, unlike some politicos who say we have lived too well and left the young picking up the pieces. It is the MPs who live so well at our expense!!



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