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Through the Looking Glass

Two accusations that regularly appear in comments on the blog are firstly that it only ever covers good news stories, and secondly that critical comments are censored or excluded. Anybody just spending a few minutes going through the back catalogue of posts would quickly see that neither of these are true. The general rule is that all comments are posted as long as they are in some way related to the theme ( and we're pretty generous about that ) and aren't defamatory. On rare occasions comments have been excluded on the grounds of excessive length but comments that are posted are not cut or edited in any way.

The blog often talks about the issues we face as a city and draws to attention to reports that can be to say the least challenging including our annual warts and all State of the City review. There can of course be hidden dangers in this approach. At this week's Executive Committee we had what I believe was a very positive report on Digital Manchester and what we need to do to become a world-leading digital city. Appended to the report was a key piece of background information, the executive summary of a study by acknowledged experts Oliver and Ohlbaum, looking at where Manchester currently figures on the world stage. If we are to achieve our objectives in what is a highly mobile and competitive segment of the global economy, we need to have a good understanding of the market and understand where we sit in it, including strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately one publication which really ought to know better only appeared to notice the weaknesses part of the report, and not the strengths which are many, or the opportunities which are legion. As a city we are in the business of selling ourselves internationally and bad news stories are bad for sales.

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There are 3 responses to “Through the Looking Glass ”

  1. Dave Bishop Says:

    No, none of my critical comments have ever been censored. Comments don't appear instantaneously though - but that's a small price to pay.

  2. Shakey Says:

    It is perhaps down to Mr Orwell that conspiracies in respect of censorship and control are never far away. However we have to be careful particularly when we speak with passion that we don’t add fuel. Quoting yourself in the blog of the 21/8 you say, “if you haven't got pride in Manchester, you shouldn't be working for the city council. It's as simple as that”. This is dangerous ground and you must know it is not that simple.

    Of course there is much to be proud of, in our history and in our progress towards regeneration, however everyone experiences the world differently according to their own frame of reference. As the council faces more difficult times let us also have pride in terms of improving our homecare services, let us have global ambitions for dementia care and let us defend the quality of our services for those with learning difficulties - because no-one else will!

  3. agreewithshakey Says:

    good commens. pride in the city is important but the main thing is having a motivated workforce who can work well for outcomes for Mcr residents and who work hard. Lets see some sensible decisions in the next settlement, cut down comms and ICT and actually spend some money on doing what we can even though that will be increasingly limited thanks to the coalition govt



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