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Trumpet Blowing

Full Council yesterday. Council meetings are always proceeded the night before by a meeting of the Labour Group, ie all the Labour councillors from across the city. It's a meeting that Labour councillors are only allowed to miss with the permission of the Chief Whip and I haven't missed a meeting for many years. There was a lot of important stuff on Tuesday night's agenda. The budget obviously, but also discussions on housing, school reform and equalities work. However I wasn't there. I was in London at the Political Studies Association's Annual Awards with BBC political editor Nick Robinson presenting me with a Lifetime Political Achievement Award.

Now there is clearly an element of blowing my own trumpet in reporting this but for me the significance of this award was the recognition of the the role of local government. Previous recipients and indeed the other two recipients on the night, Bill Morris and Chris Patten, have all made their mark at a national level. I am the first local government politician to get the award and it is good to see political academics and journalists recognising that we can at a local level achieve big things and make a real difference. A bit worrying from my point of view though is that the Labour Group meeting seemed to manage perfectly well without me. I know that none of us are , but equally none of us like too much evidence of that.

Council itself was not very exciting. Our new Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, delivered a short and well-received address to the meeting. We did have some debate about the Council's budget prospects in anticipation of the as then undelivered Chancellor's autumn statement. St.Peter's Square, Library Walk, the Cenotaph and trams to Droylsden ( hope I've spelt that correctly ) all got a mention. Joanna Midgley, a Chorlton Park councillor newly elected last May, moved a very thoughtful " private members " ( ie unwhipped ) notice of motion on welfare reform, before the meeting ended on that crucial issue of fireworks on New Year's Eve.

There are 4 responses to “ Trumpet Blowing”

  1. Bernie Wood Says:

    Well done Richard I entirely agree with blowing our own trumpets forinstance the the amazing responce I got after passing the important message of the lives of "Parent Carers" to 200 nurses and physiotherapits at the Elizabeth Gaskell University and guess what my staff actually managed without me too and that makes me so proud.

  2. Mike Says:

    It is disgraces tosee that the Council yet again getting rid of they own work force to make room for private sector workers to help their shareholders. There are hundreds of them working in different departments. Where are the auditors.

  3. Dave Bishop Says:

    I wonder how more biodiversity we'll lose as a result of the Metrolink to Droylesden extension?

  4. Camille Says:

    Four days and no response? It must be a positive story then!

    Congratulations on the honour, well deserved.

    * exits stage left before accusations of sucking up! *



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