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The Next Ten Years

Or more to the point, my chances of making it to the end of the next ten years! Last time I visited the Health Bus it was parked in the district centre car park in Harpurhey offering instant health checks on a drop-in basis to anybody passing by, very successfully taking health out of the hospitals and surgeries and clinics into people's everyday lives.

Today it's parked on Cooper Street at the back of the Town Hall and council staff have the chance, by appointment, to get a health check. I'm booked in for 10am and staff there are already beginning to worry about how they are going to get everybody through in the day. The check includes body mass index, waste measurement, pulse rate, blood pressure, cholestrol, and blood glucose and ends with a a ten year risk assessment of cardio vascular disease. You can of course get the same checks from your GP and we do want as many people as possible to take this up, and if they are at risk, do something about it. My chances over the next ten years? There will be mixed views about this but I'm absolutely delighted that for the time being I'm pretty much in the low-risk category. Just need to be careful crossing the road.

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  1. Peter Says:

    They don't really measure your waste do they? Sounds rather unpleasant!

  2. 30 years service Says:

    Just visited the health bus outside One First Street. Very professionally done.(would not expect anything else from NHS). After over 30 years of woking for MCC, first time I have had anything for free that has been of any use.

  3. Euan Says:

    Depends if it Gillian McKeith or Eric Pickles staffing the health bus.



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